Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp Notes for 8/19

It was a hot, muggy day at One Buc Place Training Facility in Tampa, Fl which caused for practice to move a bit sluggish. The field was set, the crowd was moving and settling in, staff started to take the field while the cheerleaders attempted to get the crowd ready and excited for their Tampa Bay Buccaneers to step on the field. The first players to run out onto the field were the quarterbacks, and once Jameis Winston stepped within eye range of the crowd, they went wild for their young superstar quarterback. While the quarterbacks stretched and warmed up, the rest of the players joined as well.

Once the entire team was out, they did a few running and stretching drills, while the team was getting loose, the coaching started to break them up into the perspective positions to run positional drills. Quarterbacks and wide receivers broke out to practice route-running and throwing on the run drills while the defense participated in Special Teams drills. While Winston and Evans started out a bit sluggish, they bounced back quickly with great plays made right after a couple bad passes and dropped balls.

Afterwards, the offense and defense got together and ran Offense vs Defense drills. Winston stood out from the beginning by shouting orders to the offense and making smart decisions. However, Winston was in a groove until Gerald McCoy rushed up the middle and made Winston scramble causing him to throw an interception off his back foot. But instead of getting upset, Winston put his head down and was determined to bounce back, which he did on the next two plays by throwing a 30-yard bomb to Mike Evans, and then finding an open receiver down the middle for 20 yards.

Next, the teams broke back up into their position drills and continued to master their craft. While the position players ran drills, the heat started to set in as players and fans were looking for a source to cool them down from this intense heat at 10 a.m. The team then got back into huddle formation and proceeded to practice running the ball against a defensive unit that refused to put up much of a fight. This success against the first team defense can be taken as a victory since their offensive line was somewhat of a question mark going into the 2017 season.

Afterwards, the offense and defense started to slow down as they took off their helmets and started walking through offensive plays. When the team cooled they started goal line drills where Winston attempted to make a couple plays but was unable to find an open receiver twice. The second team came onto the field and Ryan Fitzpatrick was able to throw a touchdown on his first attempt. Winston was given one more opportunity, however, on the final play an open touchdown pass was dropped by Cameron Brate which hopefully will not be an issue going into the season.

The receivers and quarterbacks broke out into their respective drills again, except this time the secondary was on-hand. Winston looked sharp, having completed his first three passes and making smart check down plays when a receiver was not open. The next play, Winston was able to connect with Evans down the field for a run-off touchdown.

Once the final whistle blew, team and staff started to head towards the sidelines towards the fans. Players and staff conducted interviews and signed autographs with fans to end the practice. The Bucs had a very productive Training Camp on Saturday and the fans were excited to see them after their trip to Jacksonville. If this Camp is anything of what they will put on the field in the regular season, the Bucs will do very well this season. The Bucs looked young, healthy, and vibrant on the field which oozed in their play and confidence.

Next up, the Bucs will play the Cleveland Browns at home for their third preseason game after winning against the Jaguars in Jacksonville.

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