New England Patriots: 3 Bold Predictions for the 2017 season

The New England Patriots will enter the 2017 NFL season with nothing to prove except how great they can be. Last season was a whirlwind that began with the suspension of Tom Brady and ended with the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. The Patriots may have lost their leading rusher but they added a weapon for their passing attack. The defense is still intact, plus there is that guy in the hoodie still calling the shots.

Here are 3 Bold Predictions for the New England Patriots 2017 NFL season.


Tom Brady Will Pass For 5000+ Yards

As good as Brady is, he’s only passed this historic feat just once in his career. I know for some it doesn’t matter as Brady has done and won plenty but it’s time he lets the rest of the league know just how great he truly is. Drew Brees has done it so many times that it’s normal for him but Brady, this would be another milestone. Can it be done? Yes. Take a look at the weapons he has at his disposal this season. Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski and now Brandin Cooks. With the rushing attack not as strong as season’s past this will be the perfect opportunity for Brady to get this done. In 2016, he passed for 3554 yards with 28 touchdowns but did so in only 12 games due to suspension. Brady and his receivers are set to attack a pretty weak AFC East division and by the end of the year, Brady will have done the unthinkable.

Trey Flowers Will Finish The Year With 15 Sacks

Mark my words. Trey Flowers will be the leader of the Patriots defense in 2017. Last season, he got to the Quarterback seven times in only eight starts. Not a huge feat for some but considering that many pegged Flowers to be a benchwarmer this was pretty special. As 2017 rolls around, Bill Belichick expects Flowers to take flight. The AFC East is not known for their mobile QB’s which should bode well for Flowers. He may not challenge J.J. Watt for league lead but he will leave his mark on all offensive linemen.

Patriots will Go 6-0 In AFC East

Patriots’ fans just read that and said ” that’s not a bold prediction”. You may be right but ask a Dolphins fan and they will tell you they will win the division. For years, Jets, Bills and Phins fans swear up and down that Brady is getting too old. While they’re in bars and stands calling him names, Brady is winning Super Bowls. The Pats haven’t gone undefeated in the division since 2012 but this looks to be the time to shake the cobwebs loose and put some distance between them and the rest. The Dolphins have improved, but the injury to Ryan Tannehill will cost the team to stumble. The Jets are lost in transition and the Bills are still minus reliable weapons outside of LeSean McCoy. The division is the Pats to take yet again, it’s just a question of if they will get bored along the way.


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