An Interview with NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger

While at The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp, I was able to stumble upon NFL Networks’ very own Brian Baldinger. Once Brian left the sidelines, we discussed his point of view for the Bucs in the upcoming season, and how he feels they will do this upcoming year, the interview is outlined below.


Mike – “Hey Brian! Thanks for the time, now you had a better view than I did, since you were on the sideline, what exactly impressed you the most about the team?”


Brian – “The tempo was good, and in this kind of humidity that’s hard. But tempo was good on and off the field. You didn’t see a lot of offsides, mental mistakes, or ball on the ground kind of mistakes either. But really I think the overall talent level is very very good. And with all this talent, it is really hard to find a true weakness on the field, but the only downfall is that they are still very young. The core is very good but it’s very young and still has a lot of time to grow.”


Mike – “Very well put, you make some great points on the youth of the team. Lastly what is your expectations for the Bucs this year?”


Brian – “I recently just saw Carolina, and tomorrow I am on my way to Atlanta, but in this division alone you have 3 MVP Quarterbacks, and Carolina is going to be a way better team than they were last year, but this division is brutal. And every one of these games is going to matter, and for the Bucs to win the division, they are going to have to win against the division, and to get through the division is going to be tough. But for expectations, I believe that they will be a really good football team, I mean I don’t know how many wins or playoffs, but it very well may be. All the talent is there for them to be a better team than last year, but they just have to win against the division.”


Brian Baldinger made some very great points in this short interview with him, and while he did not specify how many wins or if they would make the playoffs, just seeing his pure body language showed that he has high expectations for this team, and know what they can accomplish. As for me, I believe that The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will win their division and make a great stride in the playoffs!


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