Jacksonville Jaguars: Should they trade Blake Bortles to the New York Jets?

Well after another putrid performance last night Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone has opened the QB position up for a battle.  This means currently long time starter and pending free-agent Blake Bortles does not have the lock to be the starting QB come week 1 of the NFL season. It also opens the door for Chad Henne to be the full-time starter. So what does this mean?  Well, this is purely speculation as there is no truth to this, but trading Bortles might be the best option.

You may ask yourself well what is Jacksonville going to do about a QB if they trade Bortles? Well, that is answered by the QB who has been in the news the most this offseason Mr. Colin Kaepernick.  This benefits Jacksonville in multiple ways. They can still be competitive with having Kaepernick at QB. Also, they get something from Bortles instead of letting him walk at the end of the year. It will also end the NFL is blackballing Kaepernick nonsense. It’s a win for everyone.

Why do the Jets want to trade for Blake Bortles? Well to know the answer to that you have to look at the situation in NY. They have 3 QBs who are not better than Bortles and let’s not sit here and pretend that Bortles is a slouch cause he is not. Maybe he is needing a change of scenery and atmosphere to get him going. Here are his career numbers in Jacksonville for 3 seasons.  46 games played, 58.8 completion %, 69 TDs, 51 Ints, and 11,241 yards passing. Those are not terrible numbers and would definitely help the Jets in finding their QB of the future. What would the Jets have to give up to acquire Bortles from Jacksonville? At this point, they would need to part with a 4th round pick I believe, and that will get the deal done.

The only thing that is clear in all this is that Jacksonville Jaguars fan base is over Bortles and his watch in Jacksonville is coming to an end.

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