Cleveland Cavaliers: Why Kyrie Irving to Detroit Pistons for Andre Drummond makes sense

The Cleveland Cavaliers may have stumbled upon the best trade option for them, Kyrie Irving, the Detroit Pistons, Andre Drummond and others. Since Irving wants out so badly to prove to the world, himself and LeBron James that he can run a team, then the Cavaliers should grant him his wish and ship him off to Detroit. But not without getting something in return that could help them defeat the Golden State Warriors. Why not go after Andre Drummond?

The Cavs may be strapped for cash but think about the possibilities of such a trade. With Derrick Rose signed to a cheap deal, the Cavs can trade Irving and his $18M deal, Tristan Thompson, and his $16M deal and take on Drummond ($25M) and Avery Bradley ($8M). While this deal may seem lopsided, it’s really not. The Cavs will get rid of a player who no longer wants to be there while getting a great defensive SG who can knock down a perimeter shot, plus get one of the best rebounding bigs in the game.

The Pistons will get Irving to pair in the backcourt with Reggie Jackson for what could be a very explosive tandem, plus they can get a more agile post player in Thomspon. Rumors have swirled since last season that the Pistons were trying to move Drummond as he no longer fits their system. Adding Thompson and his eight points and nine rebounds may look like a loss of production but add in Thompson’s offensive skills over Drummond’s and it’s not a bad deal at all.

The Pistons should also inquire about the services of Kevin Love but will the Cavs be willing to rip so much talent away from LeBron James while he’s still thinking about a possible departure in 2018? If the Pistons were to throw in Reggie Jackson then all bets should be off. Jackson is good but the Cavs must think about cap space. Rose and Jackson are basically the same players but at a cheaper price.

This would be an ideal situation for Irving as he would get to stay in the East with a team that’s a few pieces away from contending. On the Cavs side, they get Drummond and his 14 points and 14 rebounds per game. A frontcourt with Love and Drummond with their rebounding skills could have the Cavs on the break after every missed shot. Not forgetting to mention that Drummond averages four offensive boards per game.

Adding Bradley should push the Cavs to throw in Iman Shumpert in the deal to make space and slide J.R. Smith to fill in for both Bradley and James. Let’s not forget the 16 points Bradley averaged for the Boston Celtics in 2016 either. Sometimes it’s not about getting the big names but the names who could equal up to championship winning team.

This deal is about making sure the Cavs are in better shape after Irving’s departure. Sure they could haul in Eric Bledsoe in a deal with the Phoenix Suns but what they lacked was a presence in the middle. Drummond may not be the best free throw shooter but he will help put pressure on the Warriors and their small-ball lineup should they meet again in the Finals.


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