Game of Thrones: Why the death of a dragon may be what’s needed for Daenerys to defeat Cersei

It doesn’t matter how many men Cersei has in her army. Daenerys has three fire-breathing dragons in hers. Last time I checked, no member of House Lannister can breathe fire or fly so why does Cersei even think she has a chance? Cersei has one mission– to rule the Seven Kingdoms in Game of Thrones but in order to do so, she must eliminate who she believes to be her biggest threat– Daenerys. But in order for her to do that she must find a way to eliminate her biggest weapons– her dragons.

Cersei has a weapon that can do just that but the problem is the element of surprise is now gone.

During the battle between Daenerys and Jamie, Bron unveiled what I like to call “The Dragon Slayer” and made the fatal mistake of not killing Drogon. Given he had two chances to try to weaken the mighty army of Daenerys, he missed with his first attempt but hit with the second, but only wounding Drogon. This was the chance they have waited for and now, moving forward, Daenerys knows what to expect.

However, as close as she is to her Dragons, losing one may be just what the Mother of Dragons needs to overtake Cersei for the Iron Throne. Sounds crazy right? Let me explain.

There’s nothing as powerful as the love of a mother and that’s exactly what Daenerys is to her Dragons. There is no favoritism shown, nothing but pure love for all three. However, if Cersei was to kill one of them imagine the wrath Daenerys would unleash. Not just her, but brothers protect each other as much as they do their mother. It’s one thing to piss off Daenerys but it’s entirely different to piss off two dragons looking to avenge the death of their fallen brother.

Cersei may think her “Dragon Slayer” can win the war, when in fact it may be the reason for her downfall.

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