Animal Kingdom: Will J need to kill Baz for Smurf?

The big heist has come and gone for the characters of Animal Kingdom. It wasn’t the Mega Church or Yacht heist either. The BIG one happened when Baz recruited J to help Rob Smurf. In some way, Baz knew that J knew whose storage unit it was. He could’ve done it himself or asked one of his brothers or off-the-book-friends to help but he needed J to be in it. If not to test his merit, it was just done to piss Smurf off. But now what? There’s a war brewing inside the Cody family and Baz and Smurf are heading towards a final showdown.

The crazy part is– J is the one who will be caught in the crossfire.

Whether J believes it or not– he’s been being played from the very beginning. Since his entrance into the family business, he’s been placed in the middle and asked to join a team. Will it be Team Smurf or Team Baz? J, being the introvert that he is has decided to play both sides. But after what he and Baz just pulled off– he must choose one and remain loyal. Now that Smurf knows who robbed her will Baz throw J under the bus? Better yet, what will be the forgiveness fee that J will be forced to pay for the betrayal?

That price may be to kill Baz.

What Smurf doesn’t know is that Baz believes that Smurf had Cath killed. Not knowing that it was his brother Pope who acted alone. Smurf did know and has kept Pope’s secret but Baz still may not see it from her point of view.

For Baz and J robbing Smurf, there will have to be some kind of punishment involved. As Smurf has said numerous times that family is everything, however, Baz is not actually blood family. So maybe in Smurf’s eyes, his demise will be justified. Just in case Smurf does try to take him out, Baz has a backup plan that may put Smurf away for life.

But asking J to be the one to pull the trigger would be J’s way of an apology. But can and will J be able to do it? He and Baz have never shared a real bonding moment so to know where J’s head is at when it comes to Baz, we have yet to see. In his eyes, Baz is his uncle but J has learned to not go against Smurf. He’s learning plenty from her in terms of the business side of the “business” and while he may have gone along with Baz in robbing Smurf you can tell his loyalty still resides with his grandmother.

Killing Baz off the show would be huge as he’s seen as the leader of the Cody Boys but he’s playing a deadly game that he may not be able to escape. J wants to be accepted and this may be his way in to gain the full trust of Smurf.

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