Pretty Little Liars: Why a spinoff should only focus on Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse as main characters

After such a successful run for Pretty Little Liars, of course, fans would want more. Have you seen the show– who wouldn’t? But what will the show be based upon and most importantly, who would star in it? To be fair, a spinoff cannot work unless some or all of the original cast members are involved. And this may be the issue as to why there’s a little hesitation on I. Marlene King’s part. With the conclusion of PLL, we were left with a scene as to how the next phase will start. It’s much the same but now we have a different set of Liars and all we need are new adults leading the way. This is where Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Alison (Sasha Pieterse) comes into play.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Aria, Caleb, Spencer, Hanna and the rest but with the spinoff taking place at Rosewood High, it’s only fitting that Alison and Emily (who are both teachers or coaches) has a starring role.

As each characters’ story ended they all went about their lives. Hanna and Caleb are married and expecting a child. There’s no telling where her Fashion career may take them. Spencer is still in town but let’s be honest, we could do without her in every episode. Maybe a cameo as the Aunt who watches the twins for Ali and Em from time to time. Aria and Ezra seemed destined for Hollywood with tons of traveling involved so they would not be the best characters to focus on.

By having Emily and Alison, we get the family vibe, two people who have been through what the new phase of Liars will go through plus we get an awesome back-story if King decided to bring back Paige to throw a monkey-wrench into their happy family life.

With both Emily and Alison already having established relationships with some of the girls in Rosewood such as Willa and Addison, the chemistry will come off smoothly. Besides, what better way than to bring back possibly the couple that has been in love from the very beginning. PLL fans are loyal and we will watch no matter what but familiar faces are what will keep us coming back.

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