Power: Tasha is pushing Ghost right back into the arms of Angela and his lawyer to the grave

The last time I checked, two wrongs don’t make a right. However, in Power, when it comes to the marriage of Ghost and Tasha– it’s more like 3 wrongs. Ghost cheated on Tasha with his childhood sweetheart– Angela. Once Tasha found out she took it like a good wife but finally decided to get back at him by sleeping with his driver and nemesis’ son– Shawn.

How did that work out for everyone?

Jamie got arrested. Tasha’s feelings got hurt and well, poor Shawn ended up being killed by his own father. But herein lies the issue with all this. Ghost cheated so Tasha cheated and by all accounts, they should be even. However, Tasha may look at things differently. While Ghost was in jail she managed to keep her legs crossed but once he got out she decided to spread them again for another man. Her family’s lawyer.

While fans of Power have stood behind the grieving wife and mother while Ghost paraded Angela around as his trophy–I’m left wondering how they feel now about Tasha getting the upper-hand or lead in the cheating category?

If she was out for revenge then I can understand that but she already had her revenge affair. This one with Silver will not end well for her or him. Now, maybe Tasha has a plan up her sleeve but spreading those legs while her husband is still fighting for his life and keeping his pants on may not be the best way to go. What happens if word spreads that this is going on? What makes matters worse is that he’s Jamie’s lawyer and what if he sees a future with Tasha and decides to throw Jamie under the bus to get him out the way?

What Silver is forgetting (or doesn’t care) is that Ghost is not a person to be taken lightly. It’s not just him. Tommy is a part of the St. Patrick’s family as well. If he was willing to kill the love of his life for Ghost then imagine what he will do to a scumbag lawyer. All Tasha’s actions, without knowing is pushing her husband right into the arms of the woman who just put him in jail.

Angela was mad that Ghost dumped her but she still doesn’t know why he did it. Ghost had no choice as her life was threatened. So in turn, with hurt feelings, she set out to destroy him. But as the case grew bigger she got proof that he actually may be innocent, plus the fact the after she and Ghost broke up he slept on the couch and not with Tasha. This may prove that he still loves Angela and now she will fight to not only get him his freedom but also Jamie back in her bed.

Ghost was wrong for sleeping with Angela. Tasha was wrong for sleeping with Shawn but what she’s doing now may cause more harm than anything.


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