Miami Dolphins: Jay Cutler can save Dolphins and reputation while Ryan Tannehill is out

With news that Ryan Tannehill may need season ending surgery, Miami Dolphins Rumors have been on high tilt with possible replacements. Whether a Quarterback is needed for an entire season, half. or a few games remains to be seen. However, there are not too many secondary QB’s who can come in and lead a team into the playoffs. Well, the Dolphins may be the exception to this rule. The team is loaded on both sides of the ball and with Tannehill possibly out, what they need is a player whose had some success. Enter Jay Cutler in a one year deal with $10M plus incentives.

Cutler does not sit as the favorite on many GM’s lists but a closer look shows that he may be the best choice for this task.


16 games. 16 games are all that’s being asked of Cutler. He’s not expected to take the job from Tannehill once he healthy but Adam Gase can count on Cutler to move the chains. It’s no secret that Cutler makes mistakes, he’s moody and tends to drift off into his own world at times but he can throw the ball with the best of them. Just so happens, that he sometimes throws it to the wrong team. But pairing Cutler back with Gase may not be the worst of ideas.

While some may point to Colin Kaepernick as the Dolphins choice, the Dolphins must take into account what they’re looking for. This is not a “Tannehill is struggling so let’s look for a replacement move”. This is a “we need help for the moment” type of deal. Cutler decided he was done with the field and joined the broadcast team but it seems he’s getting that itch again. Cutler is only 34 years old and has a few good years left in that powerful arm.

But why would he want to unretire is the question?

For one reason only– he needs this to restore his reputation. His last few seasons in Chicago were a blur to him, the fans and the organization. Cutler was benched then asked to come back in and save the team. He did what was told but he and the Bears became fed up with one another. Now, Cutler may get another chance with his friend Gase and if that happens, expect a different Cutler than the one who played in the Windy City in 2016.

Cutler is still a QB who has thrown for 32000+ yards and 208 touchdowns. However, there is that issue with the 146 interceptions. Cutler is much like Brett Farve. They see a receiver and believe they can make every throw. There are times when a coach hates that mentality but there are times when a coach needs that mentality. Such is the case with Cutler. What you see is what you get. He’s going to give a team his all but is his all good enough for the Dolphins to make the playoffs?

Cutler will be surrounded by a stifling defense led by Ndamukong Suh, talented receivers in Kenny Stills, DeVante Parker and Jarvis Landry, and a running game spearheaded by Jay Ajayi. All the pieces are there for Cutler to succeed. Cutler has a chance to walk into a stadium, save a team then walk back off the field like a hero.


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