Grey’s Anatomy: Should Meredith fight for Riggs or let him walk into the arms of another woman?

As we enter the 14th season of Grey’s Anatomy, were left wondering what has become of some of our favorite characters. But with most Grey’s fans, it’s not about the doctors per say– it’s about the relationships. From the beginning, it was always Meredith. Meredith and Derek, Meredith and her friends, then Meredith being alone. Well, during Season 13, the writers decided to give Meredith a love interest in Nathan Riggs. What made this so compelling is that Meredith wasn’t looking for it– Riggs sort of fell in her lap.

At first, she fought it, then she fought it some more until she finally gave in and just when you thought they were on their way to Happy St– BOOM. Grey’s Anatomy did what only they can do best– throw a monkey wrench into their love life.

Not by way of death like Derek or Cancer like Izzie but another woman.

Before Riggs came to Seattle he was involved with Owen’s sister. It was believed that she was killed while on duty for the Army but as we found out in the Season 13 finale– she’s still alive. Meredith had a decision to make. Does she let Riggs go to Megan alone or does she go with him to the hospital? It may seem like a simple gesture but as it may turn out– that may have been the biggest mistake. Meredith knows all about true love. It’s what kept her from falling for Riggs so fast in the first place. Now for Riggs to wake up one morning in a new relationship, then hours later find out his girlfriend is still alive will be the hot topic of the new season.

But where does that leave Meredith?

By letting Riggs go alone does that mean she has faith that Riggs will come back running to her in the end or did she watch him drive out of her life for good? Meredith being Meredith will try to play it off at first but after opening herself up finally we may be in-store for another mental breakdown. As a fan of Meredith, I would love to see her happy again. The constant fighting with Amelia and Maggie has taken away from her character some but when she’s with Riggs you can see the light in her eyes that she had with Derek.

Meredith needs to step up and fight for what’s hers like she did with Addison. There’s still time. All Meredith has to do is claim what’s her’s even if Megan will try to claim him too.

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