Why the Miami Dolphins need to Pay Jarvis Landry His Due

One of the biggest questions this offseason is what will the Miami Dolphins do with wide receiver Jarvis Landry. There have been rumors floating around of a deal being worked out between both sides. There have been rumors of the two parties being too far apart on a new deal. Even head coach Adam Gase has spoken out stating he thinks they’ll get a deal done. However, Landry is still without a long term contract with the team.

So the real question is, just how valuable is Jarvis Landry?

While setting records for the team with receptions in a season, Landry has been one of the top receivers in terms of catches each year. Not only has he been the main target for quarterback Ryan Tannehill, but he’s also been an outstanding playmaker as well. Landry’s ability to make people miss tackles makes him the ultimate candidate for yards-after-catch. While not many would consider him a deep threat in the NFL, teams always have to be cautious of him turning upfield and gaining those extra yards. He rarely gives up on plays before the whistle and always fights for the extra yards. He’s the competitor most coaches want on their team because he always wants to win.

However, the one area holding Jarvis Landry back is touchdowns. But is it his fault?

The Miami Dolphins have been absent a red zone threat for years. Getting the ball into the end zone is a lot tougher at 10 yards out than 25+ for Landry. When a team bunches up a formation there’s less seems for quick receivers to get through. He doesn’t have the size to go up and take passes away from defenders so Landry relies on open space to make plays happen. Being that Miami has never had a tight end to spread out defenses properly, jamming him at the line takes Landry right out of the play. The Dolphins have to do a better job of keeping defenders shifting away from their playmakers and giving them room to make the short yardage plays.

Besides his touchdown numbers, Landry needs to keep his attitude in check on game day. His passion for the game makes him a competitor, but his aggression makes him a liability. Too often he’s caught up in the emotion of the game and late penalties cause the offense critical yards. With the team struggling for consistency, pushing them out of field goal range in close games in the 4th quarter has happened too often. There’s a lot to be said for passion, but too much passion could cost the team. Coaches need to find a way to dial it back a notch and keep him focused on the bigger picture. If his will to win can overpower his intensity, it’ll pay off more often than not.

What do you think? If you’re the Miami Dolphins, do you get a deal done immediately, or do you let this year’s play speak for itself?

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    mccallumjohn 28 July, 2017 at 23:44

    I think the Dolphins are making another huge mistake again by not getting Jarvis Landry a new multi-year contract right now! Because he maybe playing himself right out of Miami due to wanting a top tier WR’s paycheck! But, he has earned that with his play too! The problem is the Dolphins front office has one really big problem? Devante Parker. They want to see if Parker starts becoming the player they thought they hoped he become when he was first drafted. Can they afford both Parker & Landry? I say can the Dolphins really count on Parker though? The often injured Parker may have all of the tools, but has spent more times on the sidelines than on the field! Were Landry has missed only one game, Parker has missed about 11 to 15 games in his short NFL care. To me I’m going to pay the guy who’s on the field of play more than on the sidelines! I sure ass hell wouldn’t even consider keeping Parker if he fails to play at least 14 games this season. There are just to many good young WR’s out there who know how to keep themselves healthy, & on the field to play! If Parker misses any long amount of time this year, I see Landry getting paid & Parker getting cut!! John PHINS UP

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      Rick O'Donnell 31 July, 2017 at 20:45

      im not so sure they’re just waiting on Parker though, i think they’re waiting to see how Tannehill responds this year, if his productivity and touchdowns go up, If Carroo (who is a Landry clone with lesser skill set) can develop. I think there’s a ton of questions they need to answer this season before they lock him down long term for big money .. even Landry has said they need some sort of middle ground that’s fair for both parties. I think that’ll be decided by this season

      And Parker has been doing all the right things this offseason. He’s going to be a stud for their offense.

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