Spider-Man: Homecoming – 3 Things That Stood Out Thanks To Marvel

From the moment it was announced that Marvel would help Sony with Spider-Man, fans were excited. It’s not that the old Sony versions sucked, it’s just that it was time to take it back to the original roots. When Tom Holland appeared on-screen as Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, we knew we needed a new film. Well, Spider-Man: Homecoming was all that it was hyped up to be. Marvel and Sony did a marvelous job.

Here are three things that stood out in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This Was The Original Peter Parker

When Spider-Man was launched with Tobey Maguire, fans fell in love with the quirky High School kid who was bitten by a spider. I mean, he had that nerd appeal, but by the end, he also had the girl. What made Tom Holland’s character so much better was that Marvel and Sony were able to take it back to his youthful existence. With Andrew Garfield, Peter was more reserved, which didn’t work. When Marvel introduced Holland to us in Captain America: Civil War, it felt official. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, he was young, just 15 years old and you felt that from his character. His relationship with his best friend to being nervous about asking Liz on a date. We’ve missed this in the past and Marvel did a wonderful job of bringing us the Parker we needed.

The Guidance Of Tony Stark

I can’t lie. At times Stark can be an ass. But to see him in the mentor role did wonders for his character moving forward and for Spider-Man’s as well. Peter was excited to have fought side-by-side with Mr. Stark but I didn’t think he expected to have what can be described as a father/son relationship. As Tony said– he provided tough love as Peter got a little ahead of himself but Tony never left his side. The jokes between the two were well-timed and didn’t seem forced. Plus it was good to see Tony in high spirits after what happened in Civil War.

The Future Of The Avengers

After Civil War, The Avengers were not in the best of places team wise. But if we noticed one thing in Spider-Man: Homecoming it was that all is not lost. The two main characters– Captain America and Iron Man were headed towards a split. But in Homecoming, you saw scenes where there was a new base, new shields for Cap and even a belt for Thor’ Hammer. So all is not lost for The Avengers fans. We know we have two more movies to go before Infinity War, but to see that Tony Stark still considers them a part of the team is wonderful.

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