Epcot Needs A Tron Lightcycle Ride In The Worst Way

The Tron Lightcycle attraction at Disney Shanghai looks to be quite the experience. Unfortunately, it’s not easy for some to travel to China to get on the popular ride. As rumors swirl about the future of Epcot at Walt Disney World, could we be seeing the Tron ride appear in Future World?

If you’ve ever been to Epcot, I’ll bet you’ve been on Universe of Energy. If you haven’t, don’t worry you’re not missing much. The attraction is one of the most boring rides you’ll find at WDW. It’s a 45-minute ride that most Disney park goers would be happy to see replaced.

A rumor being tossed around is that Disney is removing the ride for something completely different. The pre-construction work has already begun, and it appears the days of Universe of Energy are numbered. If this is the case, expect a version of the Tron Lightcycle’s to go in its place.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of the Tron Lightcycle attraction, just think of it as a futuristic Test Track, but instead of cars, you’re placed on the back of a bike ( lightcycle). If you’ve seen any of the Tron films you’ll know exactly what this attraction will look like.

It’s a big investment for Epcot, as they set themselves apart from the rest of the Disney parks with innovative and thrilling rides. The park is home to the aforementioned Test Track and Mission Space, both of which are some of Disney’s more intense attractions.

It’s unclear whether or not Disney even goes through with Tron at the Universe of Energy location, but something will be replacing the attraction in the not too distant future. Other rumors have surfaced that a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction could be coming instead of Tron.

Whatever Disney decides to do with the Universe of Energy attraction is fine by me. The ride hasn’t gotten any better over the years and might be the worst Disney attraction outside of Carousel of Progress. It’s time for Epcot to receive something new. And whether it’s Tron or a completely different ride, a change must be made.

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