Why is Rob Kardashian taking heat for the Blac Chyna incident? He’s the good Kardashian

From our first real introduction to Rob Kardashian, we knew something was off with him. And that’s not saying it’s a bad thing. We’re so used to speaking of Kim Kardashian, Khloe, Kourtney or ones of his little sisters that we tend to put Rob into the corner. However, the internet is making sure that we focus on him now in regards to his ex-girlfriend– Blac Chyna.

I’m sure you’ve heard or come across the Facebook, Twitter of IG post of what happened between him and Chyna. Chyna cheated on him again and Rob went crazy by posting naked pics of her. So why the big deal about it? This happens all the time outside of Hollywood or wherever these stars rest their heads. But the minute one of these Kardashian’s is mentioned in turns into headline news.

I’ve read where people are actually happy that Chyna did this to Rob. Non-fans of the Kardashian klan are happy to see someone finally stick it to them and to that I say why Rob? What has Rob ever done to be placed in the line of fire rightfully reserved for his sisters or mother? Look what happened to poor Bruce Jenner. They turned him into a full-blown woman.

Rob, has somehow managed to keep his name out the media while trying his best to build his own brand. He’s not out here sleeping with tons of celebrities, modeling naked or having kids with a person he has no desire to marry. And yet, he’s being treated as if he done all that.

In my eyes, Rob is soft. That doesn’t make him a bad person. He wanted to be a part of the family’s success but he could never find his lane. So instead of doing something tabloid-worthy like claiming to be robbed in Paris or doing something THOT worthy he searched for love. The issue with Rob is– he wants to be loved. The sad part is– he chose the wrong person with Blac Chyna.

Who Chyna used to be is just that. But Rob had to know what he was getting himself into from the beginning.

Dating your sister’s boyfriend’s ex, knowing what they went through was just asking for a public punishment. Chyna hooked herself up to what she thought was the Kardashian money train and it didn’t work out for her the way she had hoped. Rob is not as famous as her sisters. Rob and Chyna were given their own Reality Show but it wasn’t as successful as Keeping Up With The Kardashians. When Chyna saw an opportunity to escape– she did.

So why the hate for Rob?

Wasn’t Rob the playful one? The one who had Lamar Odom’s back? The only one who really looked to Bruce as a father figure while the rest just saw him as their father’s replacement? Rob is one of the good ones if not the only good one. But people are happy to see him fail. That’s sad because their hate is geared towards his sisters and he’s the one taking the heat. Rob is the one with the heart. He’s the one who’s continually getting hurt but yet, we’re cheering anyway.

The hate for the Kardashian’s is real but why Rob?

He’s the brother or cousin that we all have. The one who no matter what always seems to get the short end of the stick. He had a baby with a woman who was looking for a come-up and it went sideways. What we’re seeing from him now is the emotional side that we already knew was there. His heart is broke and to make it worse it was done through social media. Yet, we’re laughing at him instead of the person who decided this was cool to do.

When you view Rob, it’s important to remember who he is and not who he isn’t. He’s one of the good ones.

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