Animal Kingdom: Why ‘J’ will be the most dangerous of Smurf’s Clan

If there was ever a mother to be scared of– Smurf of Animal Kingdom is her. At first meeting, she’s kind, giving and seems to have that loving/nurturing vibe to her but behind closed doors– she a pit bull with wrinkles. With each of her boys– Baz, Pope, Deran, and Craig– Smurf taught them the ins/out of the criminal side of life. However, not all listened as they continue to have money, women, emotional and drug issues to date. But Smurf has a chance at a mulligan with her grandson ‘J’.

If Smurf has final say– ‘J’ will be the complete package.

The rest of the guys are hustlers, thieves, and killers. Not saying ‘J’ is not becoming one of the guys but Smurf has bigger plans. What makes ‘J’ so dangerous to his uncles is the fact that he has two sides to him while learning to operate the 3rd. For one- Jay is smart. He knows how to control his temper unlike his uncles. That right there will keep him out of harm’s way and off the radar of the police.

With Smurf realizing where she went wrong with the other boys, she now has time to teach Jay the right way. Smurf understands her time will not last forever and as most leaders know– they need a second in command– someone to hand the keys over to. This is where ‘J’ fits in. There’s no favoritism there. Smurf just sees something in ‘J’ that she doesn’t see in the others. There was a time when she thought Baz would be the one to take the reigns but his mind is often occupied. Pope can’t be trusted. one bit while Deran and Craig have personal lives that are lost in either drugs or sexual encounters– so they can’t be leaders.

‘J’ is Smurf with a penis.

He’s quiet, calculating and vicious if need be. But best of all– he’s willing to learn. He’s learning the ropes about the physical world from his uncles and the business side of the world from his grandmother. Having streets smart is one thing but to be able to apply the book sense will help you thrive. This is the part of the game Smurf mastered when she was younger that her co-partners never thought to learn. Name a former player with Smurf who’s better off financially than she is?

If ‘J’ is smart he will soak everything up Smurf has to offer. He has to know that deep down there is a hidden motive there but learning what she has to teach will be worth it. Smurf has plans to it ‘J’ against his uncles and Smurf will make sure he’s the last one standing.

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