NBA: Realignment Changing the Eastern Conference and Western Conference Dynamics

When you talk about the NBA and their conference setup, it leaves you wondering. Wondering what would it be like if the NBA moved some teams from the Western Conference to the Eastern Conference. Realignment is something that should happen in the NBA. It would surely make things interesting. We look at what a possible realignment might look like.

There is one issue with this realignment. It is only going to leave the Western Conference with 13 teams. Why is that? It is because all teams east of the Mississippi River will now be in the Eastern Conference. Therefore, the Memphis Grizzlies and New Orleans Pelicans are moving from west to east.

What would this do to the NBA? I believe it would offer more competition to the Eastern Conference. With the current alignment, the Memphis Grizzlies made the playoffs as the seventh seed in the West. The New Orleans Pelicans, unfortunately, were on the outside looking in.

In the realigned NBA, the Grizzlies would have been a five or six seed. The Pelicans would still have been watching the playoffs at home. However, the Miami Heat would not see the playoffs either.

Not only would a realignment add competition to the Eastern Conference it would also save on travel costs. Right now, the New Orleans Pelicans average a minimum of 5 hours to any road game. Placing them in the East cuts down those costs, as they would not travel West as often.

The NBA would also have to consider a schedule change. Maybe regulating the schedule to where there is more emphasis placed on divisional and conference games. Something like baseball does. They could also make some changes to the playoff format. That would really spice things up.

Playoff changes could be something like a straight 16. No more conference seeding. Seed the top 16 and run a straight 16-team tournament. This would really be fun to watch with Western Conference teams facing Eastern Conference teams in preliminary rounds.

If the NBA wanted to make things interesting, a realignment might be worth looking into. Adding some competition to the Eastern Conference would be well worth it. In addition, you would not deplete the west by moving two teams. That is how strong the conference is. Therefore, what do you say NBA? Is realignment in the future?

How would you feel about a realignment in the NBA? Leave a comment below.

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