Arrow: Are we secretly rooting for a John Diggle, Black Canary hook up? I know I am

In all cases, Oliver and Felicity are the main relationship on Arrow. However, that hasn’t stopped the writers from trying to force feed us others. Oliver has had his fair share over the years and so has Felicity but what about John Diggle or Black Canary? Yes, he’s married to Lyla but it’s something about their marriage that doesn’t seem to stick with me. Not saying it can’t work but in all fairness– it just doesn’t.

Lyla has screen time but when she and John are together they do more fighting than bonding.

Did you notice the chemistry between Diggle and Canary last season? A blind man could see that Canary has a thing for John. Canary speaks of dates but we never see any guy. When John speaks of Lyla– it’s normally centered around their issues at home or professions relationship. Maybe John won’t leave due to him being a loyal man and now that there’s a child involved– he’s not going anywhere unless Lyla either dies or does something utterly disrespectful. Canary just seems to be waiting in the wings for that right moment.

The question is– will this work for the show or not?

There is already one relationship dynamic on Team Arrow with Oliver and Felicity. While they have had their ups and downs a new one, something refreshing may be good for the show.

Think about the time that Canary and John spend together. As the team always breaks into pairs, they are the ones constantly put together, It’s like putting Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith and not expect something to happen. Their late night talks on a stakeout and often saving one another has them growing closer with each outing.

This is an adult show and while John may be married who says he can’t have a slip-up or two? Have you seen Canary? She’s tempting.


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