Pretty Little Liars: How Mona beat the Liars, Charlotte and A.D.

For 7 seasons of Pretty Little Liars, we wondered what role Mona actually played on the show. In the beginning, she was Team A then she backtracked and tried to become one of the girls but her past actions left a sour taste in their mouths. Needless to say– she was not trustworthy. How can a person go from being attacked by Alison, to attacking Alison and the girls then trying to befriend them all the while having an ulterior motive? This is why Mona was so beloved and hated, often times in the same episode.

When Hanna told Mona about the game– she went into full nerd mode. For 3 episodes we even questioned her motives but we never imagined we would see what we did in the finale.

A.D. had Aria, Spencer, Emily, Alison, and Hanna beat. It was nothing they could do. They had no clue who built the game, how to understand it and worst of all, how to beat it. It’s funny that it took the so-called “dumbest” girl in the group, to realize they needed the “smartest” girl. While the others may have hated the sight of Mona, it was Hanna who knew her true importance.

Once Mona got involved with the game– she changed. For us, on the outside looking in– Marlene King did her magic. She had us believe that Mona went stir crazy when in fact it was just a ploy to get the girls out of trouble. When Mona confessed to the girls that she was the one who actually killed Charlotte, knowing that A.D. was watching it forced Alex Drake to give up the game.

With Mona supposedly in the Nuthouse and A.D. off the reservation, the girls were given a year of their life back. However, Alex couldn’t stay away. And when she made her return– Mona was ready. From the outset, it seemed that Mona was back to her Team A ways but it was just a part of her master plan to win the game.

To the girls– this was life or death but to Mona is was a battle of wits and she was not about to lose.



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