Philadelphia Eagles: 3 reasons why they will go undefeated in NFC East

The Philadelphia Eagles had the type of offseason reserved for champions. Most teams will address one glaring issue with their previous season, however, the Eagles went out and addressed everything. The defense received an upgrade through the NFL Draft and the offense received the weapons needed for Carson Wentz to take that next step in his growth. But the NFC East is still one of the best in the league with the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins riding shotgun.

If there is a team that can go undefeated in the division for sure, it will be this Eagles team thanks to the moves that were made by them and the lack of movement by the others.


The Ground Game

The Eagles were already strong in this department, however adding the services of LeGarrette Blount just made them unstoppable. How will teams manage to stop what could be a 4-headed beast with Blount (1161), Ryan Mathews (661), Darren Sproles (438) and Wendell Smallwood (312)? If the Eagles O-Line can stay healthy and off the suspension list then we could see one of the greatest displays in NFL history. What makes this so special is that the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants both have top run defenses, however, the Eagles now have the backs to wear any defense down.

Each Division Opponent Relies On One Man

This is where the Eagles have a clear advantage. As good as the NFC East is and can be– each team still base their success off one player. The Dallas Cowboys do have Dak Prescott but their success will depend on the legs of RB Ezekiel Elliott. If the Eagles can slow Elliott down it will force the Cowboys to throw the ball and Prescott is still not on that level yet. The Giants are Eli Manning or bust. With Manning on his back or running out the pocket, neither Brandon Marshall or Odell Beckham will have a chance. The Washington Redskins have lost their top offensive weapons this offseason and will rely on Kirk Cousins to make great decisions with the ball– that’s not going to happen.

The Most Improved Team This Offseason

Name a team in the Division who had a better offseason than the Eagles? The Giants added Marshall, the Cowboys pretty much stayed in their lane and the Redskins may have gotten worse. The Philadelphia Eagles wanted a change and went out and did just that. Their receiving core was non-existent but adding Torrey Smith and Alshon Jeffery changed the landscape of their passing attack. Blount gives them one of if not the best backfields in the NFL and even their defense got a boost from the NFL Draft.

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