Oakland Raiders: Building a Winner for Las Vegas

When you think of the Oakland Raiders, you immediately think of Al Davis. You think of the way he ran his team a lot like Dan Snyder of the Washington Redskins. Davis always wanted the high-priced, big-name free agent. The thought that this would make the team better instantly. That is not how you build in today’s NFL. You must draft the talent and re-sign that talent. In addition, with a pending move to a new city, you want to be a winner. That is exactly what the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders are doing.

The youth that the Oakland Raiders currently have is extremely talented. The average age of the roster is 26-years-old. The oldest player currently on the roster is K Sebastian Janikowski (39). OT Donald Penn is the oldest offensive player (34). FS Reggie Nelson is the oldest defensive player (33). However, you need to have these veterans. A good veteran presence always makes a team stronger.

Along with older vets, a team also needs young veterans. That is something the Oakland Raiders have as well. There are 29 players on their roster with 5 years or less of NFL time. This does not include the rookies. Therefore, there are young veterans leading this team as well.

Last but certainly not least in this formula is taking care of your own. If you draft a young stud, when his rookie contract is up, you need to find a way to keep him on your roster. The Oakland Raiders have done exactly that. They have recently signed franchise QB Derek Carr to a 5-year, $125 million extension. They also signed G Gabe Jackson to a 5-year $56 million extension. Both are staples in the continued success of the Raiders.

Next year, the Oakland Raiders will look to extend star pass rusher, Khalil Mack. With the two large extensions they just took care of in 2017, they will have to wait for the cap increase. Mack is going to command money along the lines of Denver Broncos LB and star pass rusher Von Miller. This is something that the Raiders must prepare for.

The Oakland Raiders will be a well-established, well-oiled machine by the time they get to Las Vegas in 2020. That is something that Mark Davis wanted to see happen. It looks like he will get his way. However, his way is much different from his dads. Mark’s way is the right way.

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