New York Knicks: Could Rajon Rondo, Dwyane Wade find their way to NY?

The Chicago Bulls did what was expected of them. They released Rajon Rondo after one season after issues with current and former teammates. But maybe it was more to it. The Bulls are in rebuild mode and giving Rondo the money he deserves was not in their plans. What this does is put one of the best pure PG’s in the league on the market and a team like the New York Knicks could greatly benefit. But there’s more. It’s only a matter of time before the Bulls reach a buyout with veteran SG Dwyane Wade as well.

The rumors are that the Cleveland Cavaliers will likely be Wade’s destination to return the favor LeBron James did for him when he took his talents to South Beach. However, the Knicks could put a dent in those plans if Carmelo Anthony has any say.

It’s no secret that Anthony and Wade would love to join forces and what better way then to do so in one of, if not the country’s biggest sports market– New York. If Wade were to go to the Cavs– in the back of his mind and as a competitor, he would know how this would look. With Phil Jackson gone, and Carmelo looking to stick to his guns about finishing his career with the Knicks– he, Wade, Rondo and Kristaps Porzingis could form one heck of a team.

The Knicks just drafted Frank Ntilikina with the No. 8 pick but there is no telling if the young kid is ready for the speed and grind of the NBA. Remember how Porzingis started out strong in his rookie year then faded down the stretch? Signing Rondo to a one-year deal will allow the Knicks to groom Ntilikina while also providing Anthony with weapons that he’s never had while in NY.

Courtney Lee has done nothing to suggest he should remain a starter and with Rondo running the offense, the Knicks could easily leapfrog the Boston Celtics in a race for top honors in the Eastern Conference along with the Cavs. Melo and Wade are good friends off the court but the issue may be the Rondo and Wade relationship. There were some issues that came from a comment as both players took to social media to take personal jabs at one another. However, Wade and Rondo are vets and both know what it’s like to be on the winning and losing side of the NBA Finals. This is what they will provide Carmelo– experience.

Porzingis will get a PG who’s actually a ball distributor, which should also help Carmelo’s iso game. Wade is instant offense, even with his body breaking down. Pairing these 4 together would give the Knicks the shot they need to win back the fans that Jackson and James Dolan alienated over the last 2 seasons.

Can it be done is the question? It all depends on Carmelo. All it takes is a phone call to sell to Wade that forming another Super Team with LeBron may not be in his best interest. There is nothing like winning but there is nothing like bringing a championship back to New York either.

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