NBA Free Agency: Top 5 Free Agent Players

One of the best times of the year is about to start this weekend when the NBA Free Agency period kicks off. For a sports fan, it’s exciting, however, for a writer it’s one of the best moments in life. It’s all about the speculation of where a player could end up and how that one move could change theirs and their new or old team’s fortune.

Here are 5 of the top Free Agents this offseason.


Blake Griffin- Power Forward

Griffin has been linked to so many teams it’s hard to keep track these days. However, it’s almost a sure bet that’s he’s done with the Los Angeles Clippers, especially after Chris Paul left for the Houston Rockets. Blake averaged 22 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists in 2016 and will bring those numbers to his new suitor. Pairing Griffin with a strong PG like Rajon Rondo or Kemba Walker in Charlotte will be a great move for the explosive player.

Jrue Holiday- Point Guard

Can the New Orleans Pelicans afford to keep Holiday? The answer should be a simple yes. With the addition of DeMarcus Cousins during the All-Star break, the Pelicans were still trying to find their footing with a new player, while dealing with a rash of injuries in 2016. A fresh start should give Holiday a new outlook on basketball. However, if the Pelicans were to let him walk, there are teams like the New York Knicks or the San Antonio Spurs who could benefit with a player like Holiday leading the way.

Paul Millsap- Power Forward

Millsap may return to the Atlanta Hawks but the Hawks must be careful. While the Boston Celtics are hell-bent on trying to lure Gordon Hayward and Paul George to Boston they need to think about the one position where they are the weakest. The Celtics are in dire need of a rebounder and Millsap fits that bill perfectly. Plus he will get a chance to reunite with ex-Hawk Al Horford.

Gordon Hayward- Small Forward

Hayward will be just as hot as Griffin on the market. Hayward is young, fearless and has one of the best shots in the NBA off the dribble or set. If Hayward can get with the right team where he’s No. 2 then we could see something special from him next season.

Kyle Lowry- Point Guard

Are the Raptors really willing to let Lowry walk out the door? The answer better be a resonding no but this is Toronto and sometimes you never know with them. Their history of keepting their star players is not the best. Lowry could be a great fit for a bunch of teams and while he may not be a true No.1 option– a pairing of he and Jimmy Butler in Minnesota would be an ideal situation for both players.


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