NBA Rumors: Top 5 trade targets this offseason

Starting July 1st, teams will be ale to begin their Free Agent push. There will be plenty of NBA Rumors floating around about possible destination for some of the league’s big names, however, it may be the smaller ones that will make a break a team’s season. While FA will draw a ton of news. it’s the trades that will leave teams gasping for air. Here are 5 of the top trade targets as we get ready for the Free Agency period of the offseason.


DeAndre Jordan- Los Angeles Clippers

With Chris Paul going to the Houston Rockets and Blake Griffin set to leave as well, it may be time for the Clippers to start fielding offers for Jordan. Despite is awful free-throw shooting, and foul-prone tactics, Jordan is still one of the top Centers in the NBA. The answer teams want to know is– how effective will he be without Paul? Jordan averaged 13 points and 14 rebounds last season and if a team is in dire need of a defensive player with limited offensive skills then Jordan may be worth his $22M price tag.

Paul George- Indiana Pacers

George is the hottest name in the NBA right now with a handful of teams interested in the NBA All-Star. The problem is– the Indiana Pacers. George wants out but the Pacers asking price may be too high. However, the Pacers are stuck between a rock and a hard place as George will be a Free Agent in 2018 and will likely leave if he’s not traded this coming season. The Pacers must move him this year or risk not getting anything in return.

Dwyane Wade- Chicago Bulls

Wade was not supposed to be on this list. He was set to bring the Bulls back to glory with Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo but it all fell apart. There are rumors of a trade or possible buyout now and teams should be lining up if the Bulls decide to make a move for the 3-time NBA champion.

Kevin Love- Cleveland Cavaliers

I get it. Love has spent 3 seasons with the Cavs and every year they have gone to the NBA Finals. So why mess with a good thing? Easy. Love simply does not fit with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. Love has come up in trade rumors for the last 2 years but nothing has come of it. This offseason may be the one where he’s actually dealt and that may be for the services of Paul George.

Eric Bledsoe- Phoenix Suns

For some strange reason, the Suns are hell-bent with sticking to their crowded backcourt. If they are indeed moving towards a younger roster then Bledsoe should be moved with his $13M contract. He’s still young enough to get plenty of interest on the market and after averaging 21 points in 2016 he will be a great offensive weapon for any team in need of perimeter help.



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