Grey’s Anatomy: Will April actually let Maggie have Jackson?

For as long as Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air it’s been about doctors saving lives, however, the heart of the show has been the relationships. Meredith and Derek took top billing but as the seasons moved on we were given one that I still feel can rival theirs. Jackson and April have stolen the hearts of many and while their union is rather rocky it’s still one of if not the best on the show.

During Season 13 it looked as if Jackson and April may find their way back together after what can only be described as a serious rough patch for a couple who rushed head first into marriage. From the start, their relationship was anything but normal– but it worked for them and for us. We loved how April lost her virginity to Jackson as she promised to only lose it to her husband but things didn’t work out. They both started dating other people but found their was back to one another as Jackson interrupted April’s wedding and the rest shall we say is history.

With April and Jackson trying to find common ground after spending an evening together in Montana, all looked to be well until the explosion and fire.

Jackson, being the friend that he is never saw Maggie coming and by the look on Maggie’s face– neither did she. But April saw it all. April told Maggie to go for it but did she really mean it? Is she really ready to let Jackson go? It seems that she is but this is the game the two have played for the better part of a year now. What happens when she sees Jackson and Maggie being intimate or overhear a Resident talking about the new couple?

The bigger question is– how does Jackson feel about Maggie? Could it be something there or could it be Jackson looking at Maggie as a sister figure?

Maggie is still dealing with the death of her mother and the grief she’s going through may have her jump into the arms of any accepting man. Her mother did tell her to live her life and make a few mistakes along the way. Could Jackson be one of those that she was referring too? If so, then I can’t wait to see who this plays out. April will not go down without a fight and Jackson being who he is may not want to give up on his family so fast. However, the key to this whole equation is Maggie.

Maggie is smart, determined and beautiful. If Jackson is who she wants, she will stop at nothing to get him.



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