Whats Does Six Flags Have In Store For 2018?

With all the hype surrounding Cedar Fair’s two new RMC coasters, Six Flags needs to do something big. Six Flags CEO, John Duffey, announced the 2018 plans for the theme park chain, and they look to be very promising.

Duffey stated that the theme park chain would be releasing five new rides for the 2018 season. Of these five, he mentioned they would be record-breaking, and the first of their kind in North America. It’s now left many wondering as to what Six Flags has in store for the theme park enthusiasts.

When you think record-breaking, you think of something massive. I suppose the only logical assumption is that Six Flags builds a coaster taller than Kingda Ka. While that’s quite the massive ride, don’t expect that to actually happen.

Knowing SF, their record-breaking attraction probably won’t even be a coaster at all. In fact, don’t be surprised if it’s just a simple flat ride or minor attraction that has some type of record attached to it. Think on the scale of longest drop on a water ride. That’s the more likely scenario for Six Flags.

Although, let’s just say their new attraction is a coaster. If it’s meant to be record-breaking, what would that entail? Six Flags doesn’t have a dive coaster at any of their parks, could they possibly try to one up Cedar Point’s Valravn? What about building the world’s tallest giga-coaster? I suppose anything is possible.

As for first of its kind attraction, Six Flags could have anything up their sleeves. You’d have to think of what type of rides other countries have. To be honest, I can’t think of a ride concept that has yet to make its way over to North America. Maybe they build a water coaster such as Pulsar at Walabi Holland, but that’s about all I’ve got.

The one thing to note is that Six Flags has yet to do any type of construction at their parks. If it were a coaster, you’d have expected some kind of track work or land clearing for it. More than likely it’s going to be an update to a previous attraction or something that doesn’t take much time to construct. At this point, it’s highly unlikely a coaster will be the end result.

Six Flags needs to do something for 2018, as they’ve yet to announce plans for any new attractions. While the recent announcements haven’t given us much of anything in the way of clues, there is a lot of intrigue about 2018 at Six Flags.

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