Oh, what could have been…

Oct. 21, 2015, is as clear to me as any memory of being a Mets fan. That was the day The Mets swept the Cubs to advance to the club’s first World Series since 2000. I remember getting off work and it was going into the eighth inning and just walking across the street to a bar and just feeling so excited that this could really happen for us Mets fans.

Fast forward, now, to Nov. 1 — and the Mets lose Game 5 of the World Series to the Royals. Was I a little upset? Of course — that is my team and they were so close and honestly, I felt that they lost that World Series more than the Royals won it.

Call me a bitter Mets fan — call me a sore loser — call me whatever you want. I know that the goal as a team is it win it all and, yes, the Mets fell short that year — but the sense of hope and what could be was gaining momentum for me.

It started out as a year with amazing energy — my team was the returning NL champs, they swept the Cubs and seemed on the verge of something HUGE.

But then something happened.

The Mets showed that they were still in fact the Mets. Injuries started to mount Harvey, deGrom, Cespedes, Wright. You name them — they got hurt. But with all the mounting injuries they found a way to make it happen. Some guys stepped up. Players who we didn’t know turned into something else.

As the season ended, you still had that hope that possibility in your mind that things can still happen for this team. All the hope and all the sense of wonder was gone when Noah Syndergaard faced Bumgardener in the Wild Card Game. The Mets failed as they lost a season with hope going  down the shitter again.

So two years in a row of postseason play — two years of things happening to a franchise that most of the time doesn’t happen. They were winning, but deep down, I knew this couldn’t last — that this couldn’t be real. Shit, they are the Mets of all teams, my team with whom I have suffered with for over 30 years now (damn that makes me feel old).

Now we are in 2017 — and holy shit, what hasn’t gone wrong? Another year where we hear that the Mets are a good team. I thought they would be a good team — but they are as fragile as a newborn baby.

If you look at them the wrong way they could break.

Despite all that, I still said maybe just maybe this mojo of the past 2 years and things going right even though some has gone wrong will help us out and we can overcome another year like last year.

WOW WOW can I say WOW again how wrong was I?

This team has now become a joke with injuries, poorly managed baseball and a team with little to no fire in their belly to accomplish anything in the game of baseball.  How the mighty have fallen just over the course of two years. The franchise that had all this talent — all this potential — has fallen faster than anything I have seen in sports in a long time.

Everyone looks for blame and I did the same thing. Blame the trainers, blame Terry Collins, blame Sandy Alderson. I have heard all that.

However, the one thing that I feel the most blame needs to be put on is the players.

Yes you didn’t read that wrong — those high-priced, whiny players. They get all this money for what they do — and the results?

The same shit.

Where is the fire? Where is the desire to win?

The players on this team have gotten me to the point where I find them hard to watch on TV. I have not said that in a long time — even in the worst times of the 90’ when they were bad. Those teams at least had one player worth watching.

Right now, I can’t find it in me to really truly root for any one player on this team. A team that once was a cornucopia of talent and guys with fire.

Oh what could have been with this team — a team with potential … a team that should have won one ring, now is a team that should have a fire sale and find a way to right this ship. What could have been with the New York Mets is a story that you tell better than any other team in baseball.



By JoeltheMouth

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