Pretty Little Liars Rumors: Did the leaked 7B spoilers come true or were they all bullshit?

Sometime in January, I stumbled upon an Instagram post about the possible leaked spoilers for 7B of Pretty Little Liars. Over the last few months, I’ve watched as our favorite girls have continued to be tormented by Uber A and tried to guess who is Uber A. Well, 20 Episodes later, we finally get our answer. Which brings me back to one of my original articles.

In the article I wrote in January there were spoilers that were said to give clues into the final episodes of Pretty Little Liars. When I first posted the article the final installment was still a few months away from airing. So what I wanted to do now was revisit those initial spoilers and see if any of them came true.

Uber A and Charlotte’s Killer Are Both Characters From Season 1

Now that may not be too much of a stretch. Since we know that Mona killed Charlotte and Uber A was Spencer’s twin then this theory or leak was on point.  True

Uber A is Melissa and She Is Not Veronica’s Biological Daughter.

Hmmm. We know for sure now that Spencer is not her daughter and if this proves to be true then poor Veronica. That means that she’s been raising someone else’s kids her entire life. Bullshit

Charlotte’s Killer Is Mona

In my original post from January, I laughed at this one. I didn’t see Mona as the killer believing that ‘A’ would have seen Mona coming from a mile away with her intentions. I admit I was wrong. Mona did turn out to be her killer but it was by accident. I was wrong. True

Mary Drake Is The Evil Twin and Not Jessica.

I’ve thought that for some time now. Think about Mary for a minute– all she wanted was her daughters safe and back in her life. However, everyone has done their best not to let that happen. I don’t think she is evil, I just think she will do whatever she has to do to protect her kids as we seen when she lied to the police to save Spencer and her friends. Bullshit

Charlotte and Melissa Were Planning To Kill Alison ‘That Night’.

I still don’t agree with this one. Nothing points to that and when Charlotte was revealed she stated that her intentions were not to kill Alison or the girls. Nothing has changed but we do know that Charlotte was ready to start the game back up again before Mona killed her. Bullshit

Charlotte Was Never Treated At Welby. She Ever Got Well.

She was treated but her sickness ran so deep that there was no helping her. This leak was dead on the money. Good job. True

Charlotte Was The One Who Killed Toby’s Mother and Jessica Covered It Up.

Not true. Bethany killed Marion, while Charlotte watched unless some other story comes out but why would it? Charlotte is dead and Bethany better not come back after all these years and a great absence from the show. Bullshit

Mary Killed Jessica

There is a possibility this could be true but we don’t know just yet. Mary did admit to killing her but that may have been her way of taking all the eyes off Spencer and the girls and possibly Charlotte. Who knows for sure. Maybe she was protecting Peter as well or even Veronica. I have a strange feeling that her murder may go unsolved. Bullshit

Noel’s Motives Will Be Revealed

Noel has only one true motive and that was to please Jenna. True

Jenna’s True Motives Will Be Revealed

As I stated in the previous article– Jenna was out for revenge. She wanted to hurt the girls as much as possible. Her motives were never a secret. She hates them all. Now we know it was about her regaining her eyesight. True

Melissa Killed Sara Harvey

According to these leaks, Melissa is a dangerous killer. She has her sights on everyone. As of now, we have no idea who killed Sara. It’s very unlikely that Melissa killed Sara. I will go with a big fat no on this one. Bullshit

Wren and Bethany Are Related

I admit this whole Wren character is a mystery. I mean, he’s sort of important but then again he’s not. He’s like Lucas. They both played a part in the story but have been away so long that they no longer are relevant. Wren and Bethany related– I cannot see this. Bullshit

Jason Will Die Saving Alison

Where is Jason? His character just vanished. I can actually see this happening as he loves his sister. I will go with a true on this one. This could happen. Bullshit

Marlene King will make an appearance

It’s only fitting that she does. Maybe as a doctor, cop or just a passerby in the street but she needs to be involved in the final episode sort of like Stan Lee and his Marvel movies. True

Jenna, Mary, and Melissa will die in 7B

Jenna dying is a no-no. No on is going to kill off the blind girl. Melissa could be a possibility since she seems to be the one killing off everyone else according to these leaks. Mary Drake is in jail so for her to die, she would either have to kill herself or A.D. finds a way to get inside her cell and take her life. I will say that neither of them dies. Bullshit


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