NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony, Paul George and Faried could all join Cleveland Cavaliers next week

Stop the presses. There are NBA Rumors reports that the Cleveland Cavaliers are making moves to form what can only be described as the most powerful team in NBA history. As a fan of the NBA, I hate it. Gone are the days that teams won championships through the NBA Draft. Nowadays, it’s about Free Agency, trades and buyouts. Reprts are surfacing that the Cavs are in heavy talks with the Denver Nuggets and Indiana Pacers that could land them Paul George and Kenneth Faried. To add more to the Cavs dynamic is that there is talk that Carmelo Anthony may reach a buyout with the New York Knicks and will likely sign with the Cavs as well.

It’s no secret that the Cavs loss to the Golden State Warriors stung as jabs were thrown about the ‘Super Team’ the Warriors won with, with the addition of former league MVP, Kevin Durant. So the Cavs are looking to up the ante with a starting five of All-Stars of their own.

The deal will involve Kevin Love heading to the Nuggets but it’s not clear who the Pacers will receive in return. But there are reports that the Nuggets have placed Wilson Chandler and Emmanuel Mudiay on the blocks. With a deal this huge and the amount of star power being moved, there are sure to be a handful or two of players being shipped around. This trade is not as shocking as this has been discussed before, however, it’s the addition of Carmelo that will have fans and players of rival teams crying foul play.

How can one team, one man in Durant cause this much uproar? The Cavs were already loaded with Love, LeBron James, and Kyrie Irving. Let’s not forget this is still the same team who won the championship in 2015.  Adding George alone will give the Cavs enough firepower to go toe-to-toe with the Warriors. Adding Kenneth Faired and possibly Carmelo will give the Cavs the players to contend with the NBA record of 73 wins.

Faried has been on the outs with the Nuggets for some time now and they were just looking for a buyer. Carmelo’s time in with the Knicks was just a matter of him agreeing to waive his No Trade Clause. I guess Phil Jackson has had enough of waiting around and will take the necessary steps to make sure his plan of rebuilding comes to fruitarian

If this mega-deal is to happen this would put the Cavs on another level, however, it all adds pressure on a team that has not been seen in the history of the NBA. To say a deal like this is unfair can be perceived as a bit rash on my part. A team can trade with whoever they want but when a player takes a buyout and joins forces with a ready-made championship team who’s just plucking the best from other teams, it comes across as greedy.

If Carmelo Anthony is indeed brought out by the Knicks, why not sign with the Sacramento Kings or Phoenix Suns? To pair Anthony with James, George, Irving, and Faried is almost unfair. Let’s not forget that Chris Paul is a free agent and there are rumors that Dwyane Wade could reach a buyout with the Chicago Bulls as well. In the next coming days, we could bare witness to nothing we’ve ever seen in the NBA before.

Cavs fans will rejoice but deep down they have to know– no respect will come from this title.

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