Pretty Little Liars: 5 issues that must be resolved on “Til DeAth Do Us PArt” or else…

The end is almost near, hell who am I kidding– the end is here with the series finale– Til DeAth Do Us PArt. Tuesday will be the final Pretty Little Liars episode and we’re hoping they go out with a bang. 7 seasons with two of the best mysteries ever produced on a television show. Who is ‘A’ and who is A.D.? Sounds simple right? How can one show focus 7 successful seasons on two characters and keep the content fresh and fans still watching?

This is what makes Pretty Little Liars so appealing but it’s also what makes them so dangerous.

Clues here and there, subtle hints at who could be who can easily get lost between seasons and episodes. Writers are human and may forget a detail from Season 1 they wanted to tie into Season 7. It happens and this is when PLL fans hit their breaking point. If you’ve ever watched the show then you know there are at least 3 different storylines on each episode, however, the main question is who’s A.D.? Will we get the answer remains to be seen but here are 5 issues that must be resolved on Til DeAth Do Us PArt.

The Spencer Twin Theory

Does she have one or not? It would suggest that she does but what if Spencer is just that clever? Fans are really split down the middle with this possible theory. Some like it while others think it’s a waste of time. We already have the Jessica and Mary twin plot and if they are really the same person and now there are rumors that Alison or Mona has one. I would hate the Spencer twin theory but too much has happened to suggest that she does indeed have one.

Who’s The Baby’s Father?

We know that Alison is pregnant with Emily’s eggs but whose sperm? A.D. could have used any male and this must be resolved. Since the announcement that Emily and Alison have chosen to have the baby, that issue has been swept under the run a little. Now it’s about their relationship and no longer the father. However, that doesn’t mean that we as fans don’t want to know. What if Jason donated his sperm, Wren or Toby for that matter? Anyone could be the sperm donor and it’s best if they clear this up A.S.A.P.

Who Pushed Charlotte Off The Bell Tower?

We learned that last week that Mona killed Charlotte by accident but we actually never saw Mona push Charlotte off the Bell Tower. So who did it? The scene was incomplete but one thing we have learned over the seasons is that we MUST see the actual event take place because anything could’ve happened. The flowers that Mona had were not the same color in Charlotte’s hand when she hit the ground. It had to be someone else, or maybe that wasn’t Charlotte at all. To leave that story unresolved would be a crime. Mona may have supposedly killed Charlotte but she may not have been the one to actually throw her over the ledge.

A.D. Better Be Someone Of Importance

Please do not try that Charlotte crap with us again. I mean the big reveal of ‘A’ was good but using Charlotte was a bit of a cop-out. She had a few parts along the way but it wasn’t a big shocking OMG moment like when it was believed that Ezra was ‘A’. A.D. has to be a character that we have followed for 7 seasons. It has to be one of the girls or either Ezra, Toby or Caleb. Mona won’t work because of her prior affiliation and neither would Hanna’s mother, Melissa or Wren. It has to be someone close to them who’s been around the entire time. A.D. has played the girls far better than ‘A’  ever did and the reveal has to be 10x as better.

Will There Be A Spinoff?

With a show as successful as Pretty Little Liars, it’s only fitting that we expect a spinoff. However, we have no idea who will end up alive at the end. Maybe one of the girls die and if that happens it will take away one of our favorite characters. Can the spinoff survive if all the girls are not present? There are rumors that a spinoff could revolve around the kids. If so, that would be awesome. There are also rumors of an Emily and Alison spinoff but to be honest that would not work either. It has to be all or nothing.





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