Pretty Little Liars: Is Mona smart, crazy, dangerous or does she have a twin?

Afer watching the Pretty Little Liars episode, Farewell, My Lovely, it hit me that Mona may be the MOST important character in the show. For years we have drooled over Spencer, Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Alison but we kind of turned our backs on Mona. We knew she was always there and even when she wasn’t, Mona was lurking.

With the truth finally out about who killed Charlotte, most fans can rest easy but the Mona express is not over yet.

Mona, I admit grew on me this season. She wasn’t always one of my favorites but it’s clear the girls would be in jail or dead if it wasn’t for her. As Charlotte told Mona right before her death “You were always the smartest one, not Spencer”. While that may be true, Mona is also bat s*** crazy. Remember how she met Charlotte in the first place?

For the past few years, it seemed that Mona had her mental issues under control. But somewhere along the lines of her seeing that game and being shut out by the girls– she snapped.

Or was it something else?

The big theory in Pretty Little Liars this season has been the “Twin Theory”. Who has one? Bets are placed on Spencer and maybe Alison but what if it’s Mona? Think about Mona for a minute. Remember when she was supposedly killed by ‘A’? What if she was and this is not the same insecure brainiac we hated in the beginning? We had no reason to believe otherwise until ‘Farewell, My Lovely’ when Mona took a turn for the worse.

One second she had all her marbles and the next time we see her, she’s in a shell. Did we miss something between her leaving the house and heading back to the Bell Tower? She explained her side of the story to the girls about how Charlotte died but the look in her eyes and demeanor told a different version. Mona was off the reservations and we may have lost her brilliant mind for good.

But it stills begs the bigger question– who exactly is Mona? She was once Team A, then she was Team Liars now she’s Team Crazy. In the promo for ‘Till DeAth Do Us Part’ we see that A.D. visits Mona in the Institution. But is A.D. there to kill or help Mona? She was the key to stopping the game and only Hanna understands that. It may have cost Mona her sanity in the process or was it all a part of her plan?

Can a person just switch that fast or should we suspect that Mona has a clone, twin or hidden agenda?



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