Who needs Tim Tebow more, New York Jets or New York Mets?

When you think of Tim Tebow what comes to mind? For some, it’s one of the greatest College Football players of All-Time and for others, it’s a guy who couldn’t hack it in the NFL. Now, Tebow has embarked on a baseball career and let’s just say, I’ve seen worse. However, the magic of Tebow was really never in his spiral or bat speed– it was the name. Which brings us to the New York Jets and the New York Mets.

The Jets are in dire need of someone to jump-start the franchise, and Tebow may just be that guy. Tebow’s time in the NFL was not as bad as many perceived it to be. Let’s be honest here. What team actually gave him a fair chance? He spent time with the Denver Broncos and while there– what exactly screamed: “he can’t do it”? In the 3 years that he actually started for a pro team, he managed to walk away with a winning record at 8-6. While his completion percentage was Pee-Wee League-like he wasn’t too shabby when the game was on the line.

The biggest knock was his percentage but truth be told– Tebow was a football player. To label him as just a Quarterback would do him a disservice. Yes, that was his position but his toughness made his teammates want to follow him in the trenches. How many touchdowns and interceptions did he throw? 17 TD’s and  INT’s. I’m no M.I.T. graduate but those numbers look a bit lopsided to me. Nevermind his preseason stints. By the time those came around he has already blackballed out the league. Teams were looking for the Florida Gators Tebow and not the one who was willing to do whatever it took to win.

After some time off from the NFL, Tebow went the Micheal Jordan route and tried his hand at baseball. Can you blame the man? He’s a competitor at heart. The Mets gave him a shot and in doing so took tons of criticism. Buy why? Maybe the Tebow move would work. Tebow is a 29-year old rookie who’s batting .224 with 66 strikeouts in 201 at-bats. Fans are expecting him to hit like Bo Jackson, that’s not happening. What he has done for the Mets affiliate, Columbia Fireflies is do what he’s done his entire career in the spotlight– bring the fans to the stadium.

The Jets are in dire need of a QB. Tebow may not be that guy but what he can do for them is help put people in the stands. The Jets are in the middle of a franchise Fire Sale and fans are looking for a person to rally around. The same goes for a struggling Mets team. Injuries and bad in-house management have destroyed what should be an NL Dynasty but now they are one more injury away from being beat by the LSU Tigers.

Tebow may not bring a power bat to the Mets but he will give the fans an instant shot in the arm. Sports fans admire a great feel-good story and that’s exactly what Tebow is. It’s his name, his brand and his aura that the Jets and Mets will be seeking. Both teams are in need, Tebow is in need but it will never happen.

Not because the Jets have turned the corner or the Mets believe they can make a run for the postseason. It’s because Tebow is not good enough.

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