Pretty Little Liars: Lucas Gottesman had to be the one who killed Charlotte, right?

The time has almost come to find the identity of A.D. aka Uber A on Pretty Little Liars. However, we’re still left in the dark as to who started this all. A.D. came for blood because someone killed Charlotte– the original A. But who? We will finally find out Tuesday but for now– I have a theory as to who the killer may be. We were given two huge clues in the last few episodes and may have been too busy focusing on relationships, babies, and marriages that we may have missed it. The finger has to point to Lucas Gottesman

As far as we knew, Charles, who later became Charlotte only had one friend– Bethany. However, we were given a bit more insight this season as we learned that he had another loyal friend in Lucas. While the information at the time may have come across as innocent– it may be deeper than you think.

They may have been young at the time but who said it ended as they got older. From the beginning, Lucas played a huge role on Team A. At first we thought nothing of it as he was just another person who Alison mistreated but now it all makes sense. A friendship like theirs is sort of like what the girls have now. But what if that friendship couldn’t survive a rough patch or lies?

Charles and Lucas were friends but maybe not Lucas and Charlotte. When Lucas was Team A that was mainly due to Mona. But what if Lucas found out the truth about Charles and his gender change and was upset? Or, what if he found out that Charles was really the one behind A trying to hurt Hanna? We know how Lucas feels about Hanna and he would do anything for her– so why not kill the person who was responsible for her misery?

In the new promo, Charlotte asks her killer “Am I supposed to be afraid of you”?

From that, we know it’s someone she knows. Not just know by face and name but deeply. The way she asked that and with the expression on her face, you could tell that this person was not a threat. That alone leaves Mono out the equation. Everyone knows that Mona is dangerous on many levels. That’s why ‘A’ recruited her in the first place to play the original game.

What person could Charlotte be talking to?

That could leave all of the girls as suspects but according to the timeline, they were all out of Rosewood– leaving only Lucas as the possible killer. Lucas was never perceived as the tough kid and Charlotte’s reactions to her killer suggest that. Not saying that Lucas is A.D. but exactly when did Lucas come into all this money? We know he was smart but could he have taken over for Charlotte after her death? Lucas wasn’t around much until after the death then he pops up rich. Charlotte was said to have made good investments and maybe out of friendship that’s who ‘A’ left the money to in case something ever happened to her.

Hanna is his weakness. He was once friends with Caleb but how does he feel with Caleb in the picture? Lucas doesn’t care too much for Aria, Emily, Spencer and definitely not Alison so to think he wouldn’t want to see them hurt is not that far off. Being as though he may have found out that Charlotte is Alison’s adoptive sister could have also pushed him over the edge and given him another reason to kill his childhood friend.

There’s no way that Lucas could be A.D. but a killer he may be.


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