NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers must stay out of the Paul George one-year rental sweepstakes

In NBA Rumors News–For the past 12 months, we got the notion that the marriage between Paul George and the Indiana Pacers was coming to an end. However, George made it official amid reports that he told the Pacers organization that he will become a member of the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018 when he becomes a Free Agent. It’s no secret of his desire to play for his hometown team and this is exactly what all parties may need– a new lease.

With George being upfront, the Pacers are left with a decision. Do they play the year out and hope that George changes his mind and risk the chance of losing him for nothing or do they try to trade him now and get assets in return?

Well, it seems the Pacers want assets. Reports are surfacing that the Pacers have contacted several teams about a possible deal. While the Cleveland Cavaliers have been mentioned as a possible destination, any team going in must now that’s he’s basically on a one-year rental. George is headed to Los Angeles regardless. What Magic Johnson must do is make sure he keeps his team out of it this season.

The Lakers are a young bunch and it will take some time for their players to gel but with George stating he’s headed that way, will the Lakers take his word at face value? To be honest– they have to. The Lakers have the cap room and assets to lure George away now but why do it this early? In order for the Lakers to get George this offseason, they will need to part ways with either Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson or D’Angelo Russell and possibly their No. 2 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft.

Media experts are saying the Lakers need to make a move quickly. If they wait they will run the risk of losing him to a team like the Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz, Houston Rockets or the Cavs if said teams can win a championship with him. However, one thing they have forgotten is a person’s desire to be where they wish to be. George wishes to be home.  Right now he’s stuck and still a member of the Pacers and if traded he must oblige. There’s no Carmelo Anthony No Trade Clause attached to his name.

If the Lakers are focused on winning that starts with building a proper foundation. The Pacers are rumored to be asking for 2-First Rounders and a starter for George and that price may be too high for any team. However, if the Lakers come calling the Pacers may ask for the house including the kitchen sink. Knowing that’s where George wants to go, they will have the Lakers at a disadvantage when they could ship him off to the Cavs for Kevin Love and a second round pick out of spite.

The Lakers must play the long game in this process. They cannot afford to lose the talent that by adding George to the mix will possibly give them a new Dynasty for the next 6 years. If watching George win a championship with LeBron James and the Cavs has to happen– then so be it. George must realize that the Pacers may try to break up the Lakers young core and he will basically be leaving one bad situation for another in L.A.

As bad as the Los Angles Lakers and Paul George crave a pairing they both must be smart in the process.

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