Celtics could draft Jackson, handing Ball to the Los Angeles Lakers, leaving Philadelphia 76ers with Fultz

With news dropping Thursday evening that the Boston Celtics are interested in selecting Josh Jackson with the No.1 overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft it changed things for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers. The Celtics were leaning towards Markelle Fultz with the top pick, however, unless they were willing to disrupt the backcourt chemistry of Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley it was a dumb move.

Jackson had been predicted as going 3rd to the 76ers. With the Lakers being rumored for months to have Lonzo Ball in their sights, the Celtics could send a few GM’s into a frenzy with their change of plans.

Let’s start with what this means for the Celtics. For starters, it shows that Danny Ainge is sold on the Thomas and Bradley pairing. While many felt that the Celtics would be wise to choose Fultz, they must remember that the Celtics were the No.1 seed in the Eastern Conference and a rookie coming in and moving to possibly the main focal point of the offense may not be a wise choice. There were also talks of a possible Klay Thompson deal but a drafting of Fultz would all but ruin that. With Jackson possibly heading to Boston it opens up discussions that the Celtics may look to move current SF, Jae Crowder.

The Lakers have the No. 2 pick heading in and if reports are true, then Ball is their guy. That means that either D’Angelo Russell or Jordan Clarkson will be moved making way for one of my previous Rumors to happen. The Lakers may not have any interest in Fultz, however, that all depends if Magic Johnson is truly sold on the talents of Russell.

The 76ers could be the winners of the Celtics change of plans. The team is need of a playmaker and it was mentioned that they may take Jackson at No. 3 and let Ben Simmons play the point. I still think that’s a bad idea and now– their division rival may have pushed up their return to the playoffs if Brett Brown can end up with Fultz. Fultz is a scorer and the 76ers need a player that can attack the rim and get the ball to their bigs in the post and on the wings. He can penetrate and nail the perimeter shot which will bode well for the likes of Joel Embiid and Dario Saric.

The Celtics are looking to improve but in doing so they may have just helped the Lakers and 76ers do the same faster than expected.

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