Will Cleveland Cavaliers Pursue Paul George Trade after NBA Finals Loss?

Paul George for the Cleveland Cavaliers next season? Monday night’s loss for the Cleveland Cavaliers could force that into action. On Monday night, the Cavaliers lost in five games to the heavily favored Golden State Warriors in the 2017 NBA Finals. One year after they dethroned the Warriors in seven games, they were sent home after five.

LeBron James did everything possible to win the series, as he averaged a triple-double in the series. 33 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists and yet, it wasn’t enough to defeat the Warriors. In the series, it seemed at times that the supporting cast didn’t give LeBron the help he needed.

Kyrie Irving was sensational; averaging 29.4 points per game in the series. But the other of the big three in Kevin Love; he had a couple of disappearing acts. In Game 3 with the Cavaliers down 0-2, Love only scored nine points. He did have 13 rebounds, but he needed to score more in that game. And in Game 5, with the series at 3-1 and the season on the line, Love put up a dud. Love scored just six points. He did have 10 rebounds, but he shot 2-for-8 from the floor and 0-for-3 from three.

With Love’s disappearing act, does it force the Cavaliers to reshuffle the team a bit for next year? One of the things mentioned on social media has been the idea of the Cavaliers making a blockbuster deal in the summer.

That trade would be to land Paul George from the Indiana Pacers. George is entering the final year of his deal and many think he is looking for a possible exit. The rumblings are that George wants to bolt for the Los Angeles Lakers when he’s a free agent. But before he gets there, what if Indiana decides to deal their superstar player and prepare for the future?

With the roster as is, the Cavaliers proved that they can’t knock off the Warriors in a seven-game series. The depth of the Warriors proved to be too much for Cleveland, especially the bench. While it would help the Cavaliers to get younger, they need to shake it up.

If not, they’re looking at the idea of watching the Warriors steamroll them again in a re-match next year. This is where the idea of trading for Paul George comes in. George would give the Cavaliers an infusion of youth that they need; as he’s just 26 years old and still in the prime stages of his career. With LeBron turning 33 this winter, he could transition into being the guy after LeBron starts to get up in age.

Before LeBron returned in 2014, the Cavaliers had that type in Andrew Wiggins, but they dealt him in the deal for Love. Whether Wiggins could have helped in Cleveland or not remains to be seen, but he’s long gone and the Cavs need to shift focus.

A trade for Paul George would likely mean Kevin Love gets moved, but Love going to Indiana wouldn’t make sense. So in order for this to work, a third team would have to be in the mix. A team that would need a star in Love and is willing to deal a draft pick. Teams like the Houston Rockets. The Memphis Grizzlies. The Portland Trail Blazers. The Los Angeles Clippers. Winning teams who could deal a pick and get Love in return. The draft pick would then go to the Pacers with Paul George going to Cleveland.

By moving Love and getting Paul George in the mix, it sets Cleveland up to reload for next year and give them a better chance to win. If Golden State keeps their core together, they’re expected to make another run. If the Cavaliers want a legitimate shot at overtaking them in a possible re-match, Cleveland needs to shake things up.

A trade for Paul George would be the kind of shake up the Cleveland Cavaliers needed.

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