Chicago Bears: Three Questions Heading into Training Camp

With training camp on the horizon, teams are answering many questions. Minicamps are under way and some will solve preliminary issues. However, teams will answer the more pressing questions in training camp. Especially the Chicago Bears. They have some major questions headed into camp. In here, we tackle three of those questions. Let us see if we answer your question.

These questions will go from least to most important.

  1. Can the secondary have a repeat performance?

Surprisingly the Chicago Bears were one of the better pass defending teams in 2016. The Bears finished seventh in the league. Unfortunately, their rush defense and offense were downfalls of having a successful season. If the Chicago secondary can repeat their 2016 performance, the Bears could see an increase of victories in the 2017 campaign.

  1. Will Kevin White emerge as a number one receiver?

2-years ago the Chicago Bears drafted Kevin White in the first round. Injuries have plagued him since. White has all the talent to be a number one wide receiver. Nonetheless, if he cannot stay healthy he is just a waste of a first round pick. A pick that could have upgraded the Bears elsewhere. Can Kevin White emerge as a number one?  If not, will it be Cameron Meredith or someone else leading the way?

  1. When will Mitchell Trubisky start at QB?

The Bears spent a lot to move up one spot and draft Trubisky at the number two spot. Actually, the Bears gave up a 2017 First-Rounder, 2017 Third-Rounder, 2017 Fourth-Rounder, and 2018 Third-Rounder. That is a lot to move up one spot. All of this after the Chicago Bears had signed free agent QB Mike Glennon to a 3-year deal earlier in the offseason.

Trubisky is bound to start at some point in the season. You just do not take a QB that high I the draft and expect him to sit. If he does, sit that is, that will be one of the bigger surprises of the season.

The Chicago Bears are a team that is not far off from being relevant once again. A couple more young moves could have this team and their fans cheering loudly from Soldier Field.

What questions do you have regarding the Chicago Bears? Did we answer it here? Leave a comment below.

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