Wonder Woman or Black Widow? How DC Comics crushed Marvel with Amazon Goddess

When news hit that DC Comics were doing a Batman vs Superman movie fans were ecstatic. How would it play out? Who would win in a fight? But they never imagined the surprise guest that would steal the show in only a few minutes of screen time. During the fight with Doomsday, a female stood up and offered a fight with Marvel and Black Widow. Wonder Woman was ready to take center stage.

With the release of her solo movie, DC let fans know that Black Widow is not the only crime-fighting female superhero in the universe. When you think Justice League, the first names that pop into your thoughts are Superman and Batman. But where would the Justice League and The Avengers be without Wonder Woman and Black Widow?

Before Wonder Woman came out we were given many glimpses of Black Widow. She’s been given more screen time than WW, she was the sex symbol we had to go on, however, she lacked the one thing that made WW so special– a heart.

Going in, I didn’t know what to expect from WW. The sexiness was indeed there, but it was that other element that made me wish she was a part of the Avengers and not BW. Natasha Romanova is an assassin. She’s not supposed to have a heart but as we seen in the Avengers and Captain America– she tried. They tried to give her a side story that focuses on a relationship but neither Cap nor Bruce Banner gave her the time of day. But why? Maybe it’s because Black Widow has not had her own movie?

WW, from the first moment Steve appeared on screen, you saw the chemistry there. And for that, I have to give the credit to the DC Comics crew. Marvel is all about jokes and ass-kicking while DC– sometimes dark and twisted succeeds in the realm of relationships. Superman has Lois Lane, Batman tried it with Vicki Vale, Catwoman and others but it just didn’t work.

WW came across as caring as she believed her mission in life was to protect the people of this world. BW has the same motive but she has this hard exterior that has not come down yet. From the beginning of WW, we saw right through her and that made her character more lovable and relatable. Not forgetting to mention– out first love scene featuring a heroine.

Choosing a favorite depends on how you view them. In terms of looks, the choice will have to be Black Widow. It’s just something about that tight black suit that does the job. Gal Gadot was hella-sexy in her outfit but the nod has to go to Scarlett Johansson. When it comes to fighting styles– the winner is easily WW. She’s a Goddess with the strength of Superman and the fearlessness of Batman. BW has great fighting tactics but compared to WW– she’s Tony Stark without the suit.

I loved WW. She fought for the people but she also fought for love. DC did a marvelous job it making her character human even though she’s a GOD. Marvel is having trouble making BW human even though she is human.

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