Why are men criticized for watching Pretty Little Liars?

What fool said Pretty Little Liars was just for women? I can understand where some may get confused as the show is SUPPOSEDLY geared towards the female fan base– but still. To be honest– when I first heard about the show years ago I refused to watch it just for that issue. It looked as if it was a teen show for high school girls. My daughter tried for the first few seasons to get me involved knowing how much I loved a good mystery but I refused. It wasn’t until The episode where Ezra was thought to be ‘A’ and I heard her yell “No Way” that I became intrigued.

My daughter and I sat and binged watched the entire series until I got caught up to speed and 2 years later– I’m a die-hard Pretty Little Liars fan.

Should my gender, age, or even my skin color for that matter? No. But to some in my inner circle and strangers who read my work– it does. But why? A great show is still a great show no matter the cast. So what if PLL is a predominately female cast or 90 percent white. Does it say in the TV rulebook that an African-American male is not supposed to watch?

Today’s society is not only biased outside our home doors, but it relates to music and TV as well. What’s wrong with any other ethnic group besides African-Americans listening to Hip Hop or a Spanish person listening to Country music? Where is the harm? TV and music are supposed to be the gender and racial breaker that brings us together. For me to constantly get harassed because I love a show that some say is not intended for me is heartbreaking.

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Are we as men just designed to sit and watch Game of Thrones, HGTV or any other male-dominated shows in our spare time? Whats’s the difference between PLL, Blue Bloods or New York Undercover?

Is the show well-written? Yes. Is it well produced? Yes. Does it alienate any sex, race or religion? No. It’s a show about a group of girls trying their best to solve a mystery while fighting to stay alive. It’s based on friendship, family, and intrigue. I will go as far as to say– it’s better than any of the so-called raunchy Reality TV shows that are out now.

It doesn’t matter what you think of me or the 1000’s of men who watch the show. At the end of the day– we like what we like. It’s not me with the problem– it’s you. Maybe these people with their closed minds need to smarten up and get with the program.

Don’t front like you don’t want to know who A.D. is.





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