Golden State Warriors: There will be no Deja Vu of a 3-1 comeback for the Cleveland Cavaliers

The NBA Finals are shaping up to be a real series now– sike– who are we kidding? Who didn’t expect LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers to come out the gate red-hot in a desperation game–at home? For all the talk of James being mentioned with Michael Jordan as the G.O.A.T., this was the game his legacy needed to win against the Golden State Warriors. But in doing so, Cavaliers fans MAY be drinking that Kool-Aid again.

“We did this last year and shocked the world”. That’s 60 percent of Facebook right now.

Let’s get one thing clear Cavs fans– this is not the same Warriors team that allowed the Cavaliers to overcome such a hole. The only similarity between 2016 and 2017 is 3-1. For the fans who talk but don’t pay attention, here’s what needs to happen for the Cavs to make history again. Andrew Bogut has to go down with another injury. When he left the Finals last year it left the door open for James and Kyrie Irving to attack the paint. What else must happen is that Kevin Durant has to head back to Oklahoma City and Draymond Green must be suspended again.

Yes, in order for the Golden State Warriors to collapse this season, all those scenarios must take place. However, neither is going to happen. Bogut is no longer with the Warriors, Durant is here to stay and Green has been under control for much of the series. The Warriors lost Game 4– on the road at that against a team that has been to 3 straight Finals. So why the sudden surprise? Both teams match up well against one another and you KNEW the Cavs Big 3 were not going to go down without a fight.

Would the Warriors like to win at home– yes, who wouldn’t? But to sweep the team who embarrassed you just a year ago would damage all egos in Ohio. To simply put it– the Warriors were cold Friday night. It happens in games. Just so it happened in a close-out game on the road.

But there will be no comeback history. There will be no Game 7. Hell, they might not make it to Game 6. The Warriors get a chance to close this out at home in front of their crowd with those bright yellow shirts twirling from the seats of 19.5k+ strong. For the Cavs, it’s Do-or-Die but for the Warriors– it’s just Do.

The media is trying to spin it to place the pressure on Stephen Curry and team by saying they are having a Deja Vu moment. But guess what? Even if they are– they lived this before and know what went wrong the first time around. Did you see the faces of the Warrior players at the end? It was pure determination while the Cavs looked like they just won the title.

DeJa Vu is a feeling or memory that you’ve been here before but you can’t change the outcome. The Golden State Warriors don’t have those feelings or memories as THIS team has never been in THIS situation before.

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