Washington Redskins: Three Questions Headed to Training Camp

The Washington Redskins face a plethora of questions heading into training camp. They face so many it is hard to cut it down. However, with training camp a little over a month away we have to find some answers. In this article, we examine the three most pressing questions that the Redskins face as they head to Richmond.

These questions will go from least important to most important.

  1. How will the Wide Receiving group perform?

The answer is simple. The receivers of the Washington Redskins will be just fine. Just because they lost the burner in DeSean Jackson and the possession of Pierre Garcon does not mean they will suck. In fact, the Redskins may be better for it. They still have TEs Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis, to go along with Jamison Crowder and free agent Terrelle Pryor. The younger kids are going to have work for what they want. They are going to have to show the coaches and other veterans that they are for real. Competition breeds success and that is what the Redskins now have at WR.

  1. How much will the defense improve?

It is a known fact that the defense of the Washington Redskins was horrid in 2016. They could not get off the field for anything. There were so many holes that had to be filled it was astonishing. However, through free agency and the 2017 NFL Draft, the Redskins made themselves better. This, along with the hiring of a new Defensive Coordinator, Greg Manusky.

The defense of the Washington Redskins will improve in 2017. Even a middle of the pack finish will be an improvement over 2016. Moreover, just getting off the field on third down will be a vast improvement.

  1. Will Kirk Cousins be under a long-term contract?

The answer. Who knows? Reports are that there is some conversation happening between the two sides. How much is the question? If they do not reach a long-term deal, the Washington Redskins have options in 2018. Whether or not they choose to explore those options remains open.

The Washington Redskins may have answered some of these questions already. Although, OTAs are nothing to write home about. If the Redskins get one of these, three answered before training camp we will know the direction of the team in the future. If not, it could be a long process ahead.

What do you feel is pressing the Washington Redskins going into training camp? Leave your comments below.

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