Pretty Little Liars: Who is A.D.? The Initials may stand for ‘Another Drake’

The question is not the mystery. It’s the answer that has everyone stumped. Who is A.D. on Pretty Little Liars? What does he or she want and best of all, what exactly do the initials stand for? For the entire 7th season, I, like many have wrecked my brain trying to come up with an answer as to who A.D. could be. Despite my tireless efforts, I’ve come up empty more times than I can count. If we can’t figure out who the face is maybe we can decipher the name? What does A.D. stand for– Another Drake?

Sounds strange at first but think about it– whoever said A.D. actually had to be a person’s name?

Another Drake makes sense when you get to the bottom of the Pretty Little Liars story. Who started all of this to begin with? Mary Drake. Mary gave birth to Charles Drake who later turned out to be CeCe Drake who turned out to be the original ‘A’. As we learned later on, Mary also gave birth to Spencer whose last name is Hastings but by birth records should be Spencer Drake.

If we were to take in everything that the Drake’s have done in Rosewood, then the finger has to point to someone with that last name being A.D. The Drake’s were the start of the rumors and lies in Rosewood as Jessica slept with Peter and gave birth to Jason. By all accounts, if Jessica wanted to keep the affair out of the neighborhood, then Jason should have had the Drake last name since she is Mary’s twin sister. Normally if the husband or boyfriend is not the father, the child normally gets the mother’s maiden name right? Jason Drake makes 5 Drake’s in Rosewood but only one was in the public eye–Jessica.

Mary was hidden in Radley and then the woods. Jason and Charles became a DiLaurentis and Spencer was given the Hastings name. The motive for Mary to be A.D. is– she may want revenge for her kids, especially the death of Charlotte as any mother would. But it still leaves the biggest Pretty Little Liars Mystery–Who is A.D.?

My answer is Another Drake. But which one?

With rumors flying around that Mary has a third child, the infamous Spencer twin then the finger has to be pointed at her right? But what if it goes bigger than that? The Drake’s came from somewhere originally right? Who’s to say that an uncle, aunt, cousin or even a grandparent is not involved? A.D. sprung up because Charlotte was killed. Only a lover or family member would look to seek revenge. Elliott was the lover but he’s dead, so that leaves another family member.

Aka– Another Drake.

Who is A.D.?


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