New York Knicks: A Ricky Rubio, Kristaps Porzingis paring could be foundation for future

The New York Knicks may be in the market for a new PG once the offseason officially begins. To be honest, they could be in the market for at least 3 new starters. With the future of Derrick Rose uncertain in NY, the Knicks have begun to look elsewhere. The main focus has been Minnesota as the Ricky Rubio and Minnesota Timberwolves marriage may be coming to an end. This news bodes well for Kristaps Porzingis.

This should be wonderful news for Phil Jackson and the Knicks on a few fronts.

As great of a trade as this could be in terms of a foundation for the Knicks, they must wonder what the cost may be. Rubio is set to become an FA in 2019 and is scheduled to make close to $29M over the next 2 seasons. Is that a contract the Knicks are willing to take on? I would say yes if you were to compare that to the risk of taking on a player like Rose, Joakim Noah or Courtney Lee.

The Knicks will more than likely be free of Carmelo Anthony before the 2017-18 season starts and will need to begin their rebuild process. With Carmelo gone the process can begin with Kristaps Porzingis and possibly Rubio. While the Knicks would love to have the services of Chris Paul, that’s not going to happen. Paul is looking for a championship and the Knicks are nowhere close to sniffing the playoffs.

What Ricky Rubio can provide is a bridge.

For his career, Rubio has averaged 10 points, 9 assists and 2 steals per game. He’s not much of a scorer but that’s not exactly what the Knicks need at this point. A lack of a floor general has continued to hold the roster hostage, however, Rubio’s presence will change that. Look at what he was able to accomplish with Kevin Love. Kristaps Porzingis loves to run the floor to either attack the rim of spot up from the perimeter. Rose was never much of a natural PG while Rubio may be one of the few left in the NBA who can really run an offense.

If the Knicks can rid themselves of Rose this offseason, coupled with a Carmelo deal and the No.8 pick in the NBA Draft they will have one solid foundation moving forward. Lee is not the answer at SG which will make the Knicks look for a perimeter threat such as Allen Crabbe of the Portland Trail Blazers. Drafting a player to replace Anthony is no small feat but the 8th pick sure holds promise for NY.

Some teams have been rebuilding for years but a Ricky Rubio trade will have the Knicks in a great position moving forward.

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