4 mistakes Famous in Love made with Season 1

As a loyal Pretty Little Liars fan, of course, I would be interested in watching another show by I. Marlene King. Famous in Love is different from PLL but it has a few of its intangibles included. There is a mystery vibe as the characters comes to grips with their past that some haven’t been revealed but the show is about dreams coming true. As good as King has proven to be with her track record, Famous in Love is not without its flaws.

Here are 4 mistakes Famous in Love made with Season 1.

Rainer Devon

The idea was a great one to have a popular actor (show-wise) as one of the leads but his character is a bit dry. Instead of being Vincent Chase-like, Rainer comes off a bit more Edward Cullen-like. He has no real emotion when the camera is rolling and while there is supposed to be chemistry between him and Paige, it seems forced due to his character’s nonchalant attitude. The writers need to spruce his character up more and make him less robot-ish and more appealing to the audience.

Jordan Wilder and His Past

Everyone has a past but the way in which Wilder’s is portrayed is a bit foolish. When he was younger he and his mother ran cons. Eventually, he ended up killing his mother’s boyfriend, now some mafia member is after them. To add another mistake to the storyline is the relationship between Jordan and his mother. His mom took the weight of the murder and did time in jail but for some reason, Jordan decided to distance himself from her as he made a name for himself in Hollywood. Why would he do that?  His mother has been blackmailing him for years, in which she has threatened to go public about his past. I get the added need for a back story but to drag it out an entire season was not needed.

No explanation for the Episode 1 intro

The opening scene to Famous in Love starts with Paige on a plane then getting off to all kinds of crazy paparazzi. Is this what happens after the Season 1 cliffhanger? Why not put an end to this in the first Season? It was a great intro and set the show up perfectly but then there was nothing to go on after that.

The Shooting of Gossip Reporter, Barrett Hopper

Ok, this is not PLL and definitely not Entourage. Why did someone have to shoot Hopper? The show already has enough issues to sort out but to add a possible murder to the storyline is outrageous. Who did it and for what reason? Does it really even matter at this point? The scene was straight out of a “Days of our Lives” moment and should’ve been left on the cutting room floor.


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