Pretty Little Liars Theories: What if Alison, not Spencer is really the twin?

In the bizarre world of Pretty Little Liars Theories, we may have another massive one on our hands. For a few seasons, fans have wondered if Spencer Hastings has a twin. We know that she is the daughter of Mary Drake who happens to come from a set of twins herself, so Spencer having a twin makes sense. But what if we have it all wrong? What if Spencer is not the twin we should be focused on. What if Alison is actually the one with a twin?

Here me out.

Charlotte aka Charles aka ‘A’ is the adoptive sister of Alison. Charles is the child of Pastor Ted and Mary Drake who just happened to grow up in a house with Alison and her family. However, she’s really Spencer’s sister. Now let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and get to the theory that many have seemed to ignore.

The original game began when ‘A’ just wanting to get Alison’s attention. However, things went sideways and Alison vanished not realizing that it was her cousin looking for her all along. Charlotte just wanted to prove that Alison was still alive after that fateful night and in order to do so, she had to put Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily in danger for Alison to show her face.

Once Alison finally did, Charlotte became the hunted and when her secret was revealed, all was forgiven. To some extent. Charlotte and Alison built a bond as Charlotte received treatment but then she was killed which has us now focused on– who is A.D.?

A.D. is the new and improved ‘A’ aka Uber A. All A.D. wants are answers to who killed Charlotte. But why?

That’s the mystery right there. Who is A.D. to Charlotte? At first, we figured it was Mary Drake who just happens to be Charlotte’s mother. Then we moved on to Spencer and the twin theory due to the fact that they are actually sisters but all these theories could be way off base.

The wild card here is Alison. And here is why I believe that Alison has a twin and it’s actually the one we’re seeing now.

I’m not saying that Alison is A.D., that would be too obvious. However, there are signs that we have overlooked that proves this theory could be true.

I. Marlene King has done a great job of pulling off the classic ” hey, look over there while this is going on over here” approach to Pretty Little Liars.

What really happened to Alison that night? Did she actually die or was it all an illusion? I asked this due to the fact that the Alison that we see now is not the same one from the flashbacks. The Mean Girl Alison was replaced by this kind-hearted, scared by her own shadow version. Alison, that was on the run was smooth, calculating and dangerous. This one here is timid, dumb as a doorknob and loves Emily.

The earlier version may have had some strange feelings for Em, but never did she display any lesbian-like qualities. Why the sudden change? The old Alison would have snuffed A.D. out a long time ago but this one has no clue what to write on a chalkboard in reference to her last name. If all of that doesn’t give it away then there is the other main point. Hanna, Aria, Spencer, Emily, Mona and just about every other person she came in contact with were visibly afraid of Alison. They knew she was the leader but since her return to Rosewood, no one has shown that fear and she seems to have fallen in line and let Spencer take control. This is not the Alison from the flashbacks. It has to be an imposter.

King has stated that a character or characters have an actual mask on hiding who they truly are. So why couldn’t this be the case with Alison? The bigger question is– did Alison know that she had a twin and if so– is this all a part of a bigger plan to find out the truth as to why she was hit over the head in the first place?

What if Charlotte knew that Alison had a twin and was actually chasing her the whole time? As they got close, Alison had the perfect chance to kill Charlotte, thus resulting in what we’re seeing now.

Spencer having a twin is great but Alison having one would be the ultimate surprise no one saw coming.

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