Pretty Little Liars: Spencer Hastings is the smartest yet dumbest person in the world

As we draw near to Endgame, the remaining Pretty Little Liars episodes have gotten a bit more intense. Just last week we learned that Det. Marco Furey will be coming at Spencer Hastings with everything he has and that Spencer may have made a huge mistake. We learned that Alison has feelings for Emily but she has not been truthful with herself to show those emotions. Well, it’s safe to say that everything hit the fan during The Glove That Rocks The Cradle.

Spencer Hastings is the dumbest yet smartest person in the world.

Without a doubt, Spencer is bay far one of the smartest characters ever on TV. However, her actions during The Glove That Rocks The Cradle will peg her as something different. We all make mistakes but when Spencer made her’s that fateful night of Elliott’s death, we didn’t notice until now. After her breakup with Caleb, Spencer decided to hit Radley and get a drink. Little did she know that in her state of shock and disappearance from her reality that she would sign her name to a receipt that was purchased with a dead man’s credit card. Furey put it together and he’s coming at Spencer full force. Instead of Spencer using that intellect that we have grown to love, she has turned into Hanna.

She held herself together pretty well at the police station during his first interrogation, however, she made the dumbest move when she showed up at Furey’s house damn near admitting that she had something to do with Elliott’s death. If Furey didn’t have the proof he needed, he does now after Spencer asked him to let this one slide through the cracks. After Furey said no, she did another dumb move by stealing the hard drive with Lucas’ confession that he lied for Hanna.

Spencer has always been a tad on the smug side but her attitude may cost her and her friends their freedom or their lives in the end. She has to pull herself together and do it quickly before it all comes crashing down.

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