Pretty Little Liars: Did Hanna just get Mona killed?

The stakes just got a little higher in Pretty Little Liars. Ever since A.D. came into the girl’s lives, it’s been a cat and mouse game. Just like with Charlotte, the girls were always two steps behind and never could figure out why. I still say there is an inside person but that’s just one of my many Pretty Little Liars Theories. However, what we witnessed in In the Eye Abides the Heart may just prove to be the undoing of either A.D. or Mona.

For the diehard fans, Mona is the black sheep of the Liars. She was once a foe who turned friend then foe again and now she’s somewhere in-between. Some of the girls may not trust her fully but she has shown to have Hanna’s back whenever the time has called for it. As Hanna, Aria, Spencer, Alison and Emily grew frustrated with the game, Hanna decided to up the ante with some help.

As Hanna revealed the game to Mona, the look of amazement was not only evident on her face but in her words– “I wish I could have built something like this. Think about the mind that conceived this”.

Mona is in love with the construction of the game but she’s fearful to play at the same time.

But Hanna was right. In order for the girls to beat the game, they must enlist another psychopath that thinks like A.D. in order to get ahead of the movements. And what better person than Mona? Please remember that she was the first remember of the ‘A’ team and as far back as we can remember she never thought like the other girls. However, Mona decided to break away from the clutches of ‘A’ because she got tired of playing the games. As she saw first hand with the board game, this is not your typical game and it wasn’t meant for her to play. “The reason I’m not afraid of it is because you don’t see a little Mona at the starting line”.

But what happens if the girls do bring Mona into the game? Are they even allowed to add another person? A.D. has to know what Mona is capable of and to make the girls take the game serious, she will be forced to kill Mona. This time for real.

Mona is smart and will be a formidable foe for A.D. but as much as Mona loves Hanna and a challenge this is one she should back away from.

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