Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz has necessary weapons to avoid sophomore slump

The Philadelphia Eagles will head into the 2017-18 season with a huge chip on their shoulders. Last season was more of a learning process for the team with a rookie head coach and QB leading the charge. However, times have changes in one offseason and now the team will be looking to make enough noise to earn them a playoff spot come January. Carson Wentz is the main focal point and rightfully so but will he suffer from the sophomore jinx?

I wouldn’t count on it.

The Eagles went out and provided Wentz with the necessary weapons maybe no other QB has had during their tenure with the team. Where the Eagles faltered last season was in their wide receiver depth as they started players that should have been left on the practice squad. What free agency provided the Eagles this offseason is a chance to make amends and place Wentz possibly in elite company.

I know what you may be thinking. How can a 2nd-year player who finished 18th in passing yards and 25th in touchdowns be in line for such a major explosion? Wentz has the intangibles to be good, now he has the weapons to be great. There should be less 5-yard dump passes and more reads across the middle to Zach Ertz and Torrey Smith. Wentz can take solace in the fact that he doesn’t have to rely on Nelson Agholor anymore on deep routes. Wentz can drop back with confidence knowing he can hurl it 30+ yards and have either Jordan Matthews or Alshon Jeffery on the receiving end.

While his receiving core got a major upgrade, it may be the rushing attack that proves to be beneficial most to him. While the Eagles provided a three-headed monster last season, it was just upgraded with the recent addition of LeGarrette Blount this past week. What Blount brings is the physical runner the Eagles have lacked since the departure of DeMarco Murray. Blount is a between the tackles runner who will get the Eagles out of those pesky 3rd & 3 situations they often found themselves in and had to rely on the shaky hands of Agholor.

If the offense can be as dynamic on the field as they are on paper, then Wentz could easily pass for 4500 yards and 27 touchdowns. By doing so he will put an end to any sophomore slump talk.



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