MLB Trade Rumors: Would Paul Goldschmidt Deal Make Sense for New York Yankees?

With the New York Yankees having one of the best records in Major League Baseball, trade whispers are starting to happen. Paul Goldschmidt’s name is now starting to get mentioned when it comes to possible trade targets.

Some feel that with the Yankees playing well, they are one or two players away right now to make a championship run. Thus, entering Goldschmidt’s name. Several people around baseball have said that the Yankees would be wise to make a deal this summer to obtain Paul Goldschmidt from the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The 29-year-old is one of the better first baseman in the league. Because he plays in Arizona, he’s also one of the more underrated and little known stars in the league. Putting him in New York would give him center stage and the spotlight. Because of his skills, he’d likely thrive playing in Yankee Stadium.

However, because of his skills, Goldschmidt will have a very high price tag if Arizona decides to entertain trade offers. So with the Yankees focusing a lot of time on rebuilding the farm system, does that type of deal make sense?

10 years ago, this kind of trade definitely happens for the Yankees and a massive overpay goes down. But in 2017, when the Yankees have committed to using their farm system? Maybe not so much. Throw in the fact that Greg Bird is now considered the full time first baseman as well.

But then again, players like Goldschmidt could be that missing piece for a team like the Yankees who are on the border. And the Yankees have a plethora of prospects in the system, some of which might not get to the majors.

So if the Yankees were to entertain this, what would it take to land Goldschmidt? Bird would almost have to be in the deal. But he wouldn’t be the centerpiece of it. Because this is for one of the best players in the league in Goldschmidt, some of the Yankees top prospects may need to be in it.

For Goldschmidt, Gleyber Torres or Clint Frazier would need to be included. Maybe prospects like Justus Sheffield or Jorge Mateo as well. Including those kind of players for a deal may seem like it’s a lot. And to a point, maybe even an overpay.

With that said, any deal involving Paul Goldschmidt is going to require that kind of package going to Arizona. The Diamondbacks have him under control for at least another two years. So there’s no urgency to deal him right now, thus, making the price tag even higher.

So if the Yankees really feel like they are a serious contender and are a bat away, they have to ask themselves the tough question. Would they want to deal away some of their top pieces in the farm system to win now?

Greg Bird is still getting his feet wet, so the gut answer says no. But Bird has had his struggles in 2017. Plus, injuries that have landed him on the disabled list and to miss all of the 2016 season.

Maybe Paul Goldschmidt wouldn’t be the craziest thing for the Yankees to consider come this summer.

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