The Catch: Tessa Riley was a great addition to a boring cast and storyline, that may save show

Amid reports that ABC will cancel The Catch after just two seasons, Shonda Rhimes and the writers made one last-ditch effort to save the show. For a loyal fan like myself, it worked like a charm. However, it may already be too late. The Catch is not an awful show, it just happened to come out 4 years too late. Rhimes is the Queen of Thursday night and placing The Catch in a lineup that features Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder and Grey’s Anatomy may have proved to be its downfall.

The reason for the cancellation is mainly due to low ratings but a closer look will show that it’s the show’s cast and storyline needed a boost. Enter Tessa Riley. Tessa is the love child of Ben and Margot from 15 years ago. Before she entered the cast it was a drab storyline that featured criminals who turned FBI informants and a very dysfunctional family of thugs who wish to kill each other, including their mother. Oh, and how can we forget the strange love triangle between Alice Vaughn, Benji, and Margot.

To be frank– the show was sinking fast and I was surprised it made it back for a 2nd season.

I’m glad it did. As the season 2 started it dragged along but then the miracle happened. The AVI Team was investigating who wanted Margot dead only to capture the suspect and realize it was her daughter. What happened next was straight out of a CBS After School special but it breathed new life into an otherwise dense show.

The storyline didn’t change with her appearance, it’s still rather elementary, however, it’s her character that adds the spice. To see her interact with her parents is downright hilarious with the Mommy and Daddy references in her British accent. It’s clear the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree with this one and if she was on from the very beginning the show may have stood a chance.

During the last few episodes ABC will et a better feel for how the audience reacts to Riley and her parents. Now, the dynamic may change with Benji and Margot trying their best to co-raise Tessa, Alice possibly rekindling with her former lover and Agent Justine reconnecting with her missing husband.

All is not lost, thanks to Tessa Riley.

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